I haven't been sleeping well lately. Read: barely at all. First it was the heat, then it was/is stress.

I'm told I don't "express my feelings" enough. WHAT THE FUCK??? Oh right. I blog my feelings a lot.

In all honesty, it's much, much easier for me to smile and nod or shrug my shoulders and walk away than it is to tell people they're fucking idiots and to leave me the hell alone with their stupidity.

Because at the end of the day, I don't like hurting people. Is it because I've been hurt a lot myself that I would never want to bestow feeling absolutely shitty about one's self onto others? Who the hell knows. I love a good debate, I hate bad arguments.

I've also found that I'm isolating myself from people. I'm not sure the reason. I have emails I haven't responded to. What do you say? What can be said? Some are just digging for information, others don't really have anything to reply back to save for acknowledging receipt.

I think I'm officially tired of this line of work I'm doing. I don't have the passion anymore. Or the autonomy. As much as my old job pissed me off with how things ended, they really did give me a lot of leeway to do my own thing.

I got in trouble for booking my own travel. It's always the little things that piss you off the most. Sure, it's charged to my visa. Sure I prefer it that way. I get the points for booking it online and then more points for actually flying.

I'm tired of putting off plans for various reasons. I didn't go to Las Vegas because I was going to England to see the Dave Matthews Band.

I didn't buy tickets to see DMB at The Gorge because I was going to see them in England.

Now I might not be able to see them in England (in 2 weeks) because I'm unemployed. Why be responsible? People who have less money than I do seem to be living a better life than I am. Why shouldn't I just say to heck with it and book a trip. For airfare and accommodations, it'd probably cost me $3,000.00 for 3 nights in London. One of those nights would be seeing The Boss and DMB. And it'd hit my quota of visiting a new place this year. The potential settlement to my lawsuit would then pay for such a trip, like it was supposed to had I not been booted from my job unceremoniously.

Speaking of the boot, apparently there's a lot of regret over me not being there anymore. DUH! I freakin' rocked. I still do. Even when I fake passion for the work I'm doing, I'm still doing a good job. Maybe that's why I feel it's a rut.

I'm thinking of rocking unemployment for the summer and work on evening out my tan.

I just want a good night's sleep.



Wow, pretty damn close to halfway through the year already.

Here's a girlie post. It's about emotions and feelings and anger.

One of my favourite movies is "Love Actually". One of my favourite scenes is where Keira Knightley opens her door and her husband's best friend is there with signs like, "To me you are perfect".

I think I've only met one perfect person and he was perfect because of his imperfections.

If you were to believe in the concept or the ideology of love, and that you only have one chance at it, and that chance passed you by, what do you do with the rest of your life?

What is love anyway? Separate "love" from "lust" and "desire" what does it mean today?

Now the caveat to all of this is I'm happy where I am.

I've just had a recent influx of people from my past coming back into my life for various reasons and it's quite odd.

I'm an analyzer by nerdiness. I like disecting and getting to the crux of issues and figuring out what makes it tick.

But what I am tired of is being someone's "Plan B". Good ole reliable jedi will always be there when I need her. NEED. I hate the word "need".

How about you want friends in your life instead of needing them to validate parts of you?

And if you think racism doesn't exist in this country look at people's facebook pages and twitter feeds.

It's disgusting and those that are supposedly tree hugging left wing commies, you'd figure they'd know better. You're on the fucking internet so I'm pretty sure you're capable of googling facts instead of passing along fiction.

And the silence you choose to keep makes you just as guilty as those who speak their perceived truths.

I've stopped talking to a lot of people this past month. Because I'm tired of bullshit and I'm tired of their self-perceived superiority. From someone who's had to work twice as hard to keep up, I am tired of those who feel they're entitled to things because they worked oh so hard.

My biggest fear, apart from losing those I love, is that all the progress I've made these past couple of years will disappear with a simple hello.

PS: I'm thinking of moving to Ottawa. Don't tell anyone.



I'm back from my vacation. Unemployment for one day since I was on "vacation" until today. I spent the day trying not to get depressed.

The work I did was/is work I loved. I'm going to miss it. There's a meeting tomorrow with one of my pet projects that I won't be attending now. The fruits of my labour coming to fruition and someone else will take the glory. That freakin' pisses me off.

Apparently my dismissal/resignation has started making the rounds with many different people wanting to know the story from those they think have the answers.

I was actually invited to tomorrow's meeting. Someone attending thought it would make a big splash into my new position.

The day after I was dismissed/resigned, I was talking with the department head of one of our partners to let her know and she offered me contract work the day I returned.

She sent me a message this morning wanting a meeting with me at 1:30 today but I decided to spend the day being angry and depressed and spent most of it in bed then part of it at the movies. I returned her call when I got home. She wanted me to go on her behalf to the meeting tomorrow because I know the file backwards and forwards and my former boss/friend will be there and she probably has no clue since she never read any of my emails on the subject and what we should do so it would have been amusing to attend and be sitting on the other side of the table.

But I'm still pissed off and irritated. So instead I'll be developing templates and questionnaires for interviews I'll be conducting for the contract work I'll be doing.

I'm supposed to return all of my equipment and files by last Friday. I think they expect me to bring them in. I'm not going to. I'm going to box them up and then have them send someone to pick them up. Since I'm no longer in their employ, I'm not driving the 40 km return trip to the office on my time.

A friend of mine is also getting me free legal advice. There's a contract that was signed for employment that should be honoured.

Now that I'm on contracting hours, I'll actually be making more than I was before. Without the benefits but the benefits weren't that great to begin with.

I am going to miss my blackberry. I spent the day deleting gmail and twitterberry from it along with other programs and personal contact information. I might buy the storm and just upgrade my personal hardware. But that sucks.



Good news! I'll have more time to blog! I'm unemployed!

Work got stupid the last few months and I started asking far too many questions and I ended up unemployed.

I didn't quit, and I wasn't fired. Figure that one out and you'll get a glimpse as to the dysfunction.

All while I'm on vacation!

Gone are the crazy trips all over the country, insomnia, fighting with gov't officials, fighting with other provinces.

It's a bit of a relief. It's a lot of comical.

It'll eventually involve a settlement if not a lawsuit.

People are shocked. I've been getting emails from (former) co-workers freaking out wondering what they could do. Some have offered to mediate and others have asked who they can talk to.

I'm just fed up. Even if there was a way back - and I'm sure there are at least a dozen - I don't want to go back.

It was too tiring. I had far too big of a workload that I was working every moment I was awake.

As for the future, one of the people I know is looking for contractors and she wanted me to start asap.

The problem is I'm on vacation right now. From a job I thought I could return to. Apparently asking your boss for vacation isn't a sign you want to return.

Really, the story is far more complicated than this.

Suffice it to say, I'm happy with everything I did. I loved the job I did. I'll miss the work, I won't miss the drama.

And there's a pretty good job waiting for me if I choose to accept it. I'm still going to Europe in June. I'll still have a steady income. Probably stronger job security that'll involve a pension - unlike the current/former job did.

Could I be anymore cryptic? Probably!

I'll finish off this "vacation" I planned, go back Saturday, begin again at a new place.

Oddly enough, because of the new (possible/pending) job, I'll still be working with the people I work with now. Which is going to be awkward for them, amusing for me.



Here I am. In Ottawa. Should be packing. Have a long flight back to Vancouver via Toronto.

This "might" be my last trip to Ottawa.

It's not that I don't like these trips, I actually do.

But I'm starting to not so much like shit happening at the office.

I took this job with no job security because I thought it'd be a fantastic opportunity.

It has been.

Then they hired someone that I just can't work with. And I can work with anyone.

And it's not how she treats me. I don't work out of the office. It's how she treats others. She's made people cry, she's humiliated them, she's demeaned them. She's made them feel less than.

She has made my job a bit more difficult too. I have to go play clean-up at some meetings that she's really effed our relationships up with.

I'd always said, if she's still working for us by the next fiscal year, there's a chance I wouldn't be.

She's going to be here next fiscal year.

I'm not getting a raise. My workload is enough to make me cry if I sat back and thought about it. I haven't been able to sit back and think about it. Because I'm too busy.

Even in this economy I've been getting job offers from all over this country. From organizations who are embarking on the same work we're doing. Sadly none of those are in Edmonton.

So here it is, 5:50 am, and I'm getting ready for a flight back and tired as all hell, I have over 100 hours of overtime racked up and I just want to go back to bed but no, there's a lot of work to do.

I know someone who works for an organization who keeps telling me they'd love to have me. They need me. She's trying to revamp their budget and offer me a job. I've told her what kind of salary I'm looking for. She's agreed that's what I'm worth.

Once that happens it'll be an easier work schedule. 9 to 5 so to speak. Not this 6 - 6 that I seem to work because of eastern time zones.

I've told a couple of people at work about the possibility I'll be leaving and they don't really believe me/don't want to believe me.

There's still some clean up I'll have to do. I figure maybe by the beginning of July. Why? I have a lot of overtime hours to use and holidays to take. I worked hard for them so I want to make sure I take advantage of them.

I do love my job. But if these trips to Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Ottawa, etc. came with a salary that matched, and if a certain person was called on her b.s., I'd be inclined to stay. But it doesn't look like it'll happen.

We'll see.

Right now, I have a plane to catch.

She's lied, she's

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You know what I'm absolutely sick of?

People's sense of entitlement.

You see it everywhere. Especially in meetings.

You want to be handed a buttload of cash because you specialize in something and by holding the cash you hold the rules and with that, you hold the terms, and with that you hold the authority.

It happened in Winnipeg last week. We had this meeting with this agency that has all the money. A LOT of it. And they wanted to develop a plan for working with us.

And they brought an organization in who doesn't like working with this. I know this because I was given the third degree at a meeting with them over a month ago and I left angrier than I've ever been in years. Swearing and wanting to punch someone in the face angry. I only usually get that way over hockey.

However, sad to say, I'm used to working with people like that. I'm used to being treated like someone they must entertain only because it would be uncivilized not to. They'd rather not be accountable.

After day 1 of the meeting I started hatching a plan on how to get through to these people. I came up with it and decided to take control on day 2. And my plan was evil genius. Right off the bat, I shut them down and shut them up.

Nothing pisses me off more than people who think that because they exist, they're born into a certain entitlement.

Yeah, sure buddy, the world will just come to you and give you everything you want. Work for it. I've had to. Nothing has ever been handed to me. I've worked hard, and continue to do so, for everything I have. And it means nothing to me. If I was in a car crash tomorrow, my nice vehicle would be toast but it's just a car.

Not that I'm a martyr. I do something, it has my name on it, but for the most part, I'm not looking for glory, I'm looking for results.

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Long time no type! Catch me on twitter. All I have time for is 140 letters for micro-blogging.

This weekend I took off early on Friday, as in before noon, picked up a friend and drove to Portland, Oregon. It's about a 5 hour drive south, not including border wait times.

I love Portland. No taxes, no drama, pretty care-free. We stayed downtown and shopped. Then we drove further south to an outlet mall and went bat crazy.

Thank baby Jesus that our limit increased for trips over 48 hours to $400 per person.

Then we drove closer north last night and spent the morning shopping.

Now I'm home, looking through my purchases and seeing what I don't really want to ship off to family that'll make use of them. Like the chunky heeled shoes.

I'm debating travelling to Victoria tomorrow night and stay overnight for a meeting I have Tuesday. I have to leave Wednesday for Winnipeg, back Friday night.

The week after I'm going to Ottawa. Fun! /end fake excitement

I am going to London for fun. Dave Matthews and Bruce Springsteen in Hyde Park in June. We're going to also check out either Scotland or Ireland. Depends on where the wind takes us. We're only going for two weeks. That's all the time a friend can take off her highly stressful high level job.

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Oh. My. God. I. Have. A. Blog!

I keep forgetting about it, I know. That's not true. I just don't have anything to blog about.

I've been home the entire month of February, no travelling, no rushing to the airport, no checking into hotels, no meetings in other cities.

I do have a rant on people who have pissed me off lately:

Top of the list would be my roommates:

1. We bought house insurance. It cost us $124 each.
2. We ordered the entire season of Canucks PPV. It cost me $140. I don't watch the Canucks. Ever. Unless of course they're playing the Oilers because I always watch the Oilers. Watching the Canucks play the Oilers isn't because I like the Canucks it's because I'm watching the Oilers and don't care who they're playing. Get it?

Anyway, they start harping me about the house insurance. I gently remind them they still owe me for the Canucks PPV. They don't get it. Still want the $124. Even though they owe me $140.

The satellite is in my name. I ordered the Canucks PPV because they always watch that fucking team.

I ordered NHL Centre Ice because it's the only way I get to watch the Oilers all the time.

My cousin's husband isn't an Oilers fan. He watches the Oilers. When he watches the Oilers, the Oilers lose. I'm 95% positive it's because he's watching. He knows I hate it when he watches. I've said it time and again. He's fucking pissing me off.

I paid for NHL Centre Ice because they said I'd be the only one watching. It cost me $149. If I'm the only one watching why is he FUCKING WATCHING THE OILERS?!

I've also witnessed him watching other games. So shouldn't we be splitting the cost? So far it's almost $300 by myself for watching programs we all watch but I was harassed for the house insurance even though I told them how much they owed me for the Canucks.

Reason #1000 for being pissed off with roomie:

My Dad dropped his cellphone and it cracked the face. He can't read text messages, so I can't send him text messages anymore. Over Christmas, I was going to give him my old cellphone.

But, roommated thought he lost his in Mexico and needed a phone. He saw mine laying around so kept asking for it so he wouldn't have to pay for a new one.

I felt bad for not saying yes so I gave it to him. He actually found his cellphone in his suitcase (shouldn't you look there before saying you lost it?) but it also had a cracked face since he dropped it and didn't bother switching back since mine was better.

Well, apparently there was a recall on the phone so he went into Bell and exchanged my phone for a brand new one for himself, not feeling guilty at all, even knowing that I wanted to give the phone to my Dad and getting himself a brand spanking new one.

While I was cooking dinner yesterday he had the nerve to show me his brand new phone that cost him absolutely fucking nothing while I'm sitting on $300 it cost me to watch hockey and while my Dad still has a cracked cellphone.

My Dad says he doesn't need a new one anyway. Of course he'd say that. But when my Dad was in service areas, he'd send these funny text messages and I miss those so I'm really fucking pissed off.

And the internet connection too. I pay for that, they pay nothing. They have two computers that use the connection. Man, I've been tempted to change the security code for wireless and move the modem to my room and make them start paying.

They have no problems asking me for money when they feel I owe them something but the second I tell them how much I paid for something I'm met with silence.

I realize part of it is my fault. I'm not pushy at all when it comes to cash. Yeah. I make a fair bit of it. It's allowed me to do things, buy things, etc. But I work hard. My day doesn't end at 4:30 and it doesn't start at 8:30. I get emails from back east at 5:30 in the morning. I get emails after 4:30 and I answer.

I go to meetings that are hostile situations. This month, especially. Believe me, I'm underpaid. And I hate it when I feel that people are taking it for granted.

So I make more money than they do. Does that mean I've become some sort of government tax rebate program in-house?

Suffice it to say, because I've been home far too long, I'm taking off this weekend. I decided a trip to my sister's is what the doctor ordered. I'm leaving Thursday and coming back Monday night. We're going to Edmonton to catch the Oilers game on Saturday and just veg.

It's not just my roommates pissing me off. It's a bunch of things. It's just the straw that's breaking my back.

Thankfully, next month I have a bunch of trips planned for work. This experiment of being home for a month was a fail.

I'm gone for a week to the north, a few days in Winnipeg again, a day in Victoria, a possible trip to either Ottawa/Toronto.

And I'm thinking again of buying my own place. The problem is, I don't want a one bedroom/one bathroom apartment. Ugh.

A friend and I are thinking of buying a house. We get along great, we give each other space, we can say what we want.

This house wouldn't be so bad if I felt I could say what's on my mind. Problem is my cousin is delicate. She takes everything and bundles it up and makes herself sick. I don't want to be responsible for someone being sick.


Wow. I rant when I want, eh.

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I'm going to London, England!

A friend and I were planning a trip to Scotland and Ireland later this year but no dates were ever set. We were just going to fly by the seat of our pants, looking at August, maybe September.

I have tickets to see Dave Matthews Band in Las Vegas in May.

I'm going to sell those tickets.

Because a better offer came up.

I'm going to see Bruce Springsteen AND Dave Matthews at Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park, London, England!!!

I got a pre-sale password from Dave himself and logged on at 1 am this morning to see if it worked and lo and behold it did.

We're going to London, Scotland and Ireland at the end of June. Not sure if we're going to London first, or Scotland/Ireland but I'm all kinds of excited.

I've never had the desire to visit Europe until recently so why not. My friend's been there more times than I can count so if there's a person to go with, it's her.

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I'm too scared to blog because the Oilers have been winning.

Once they start losing again (if ever) I'll be back.

I fly to Toronto tomorrow. Travelling in the winter time is so much fun!

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Things I've learned so far this year:

Don't volunteer to go to Winnipeg because the meeting looks interesting.

It's freaking freezing in the centre of the country.

I didn't get to visit friends because they're both girls and girls don't like the cold. Neither do I. I guess that means I'm a girl.

That drivers in this city are idiots. It's not a new epiphany. Just cements my belief. Their race, gender, age don't matter. They're just all idiots.

You meet many people in Maple Leaf Lounge. It's like a bar without music and all old people.

I sit in meetings where the combined salaries of those involved would total millions annually but they can be pretty uneducated on matters and require handholding.

That is the most frustrating part of my job.

I've learned I'm tired of fighting, debating, playing devil's advocate and that's 75% of my job.

The other 25 is writing reports, recommendations and analysis of my fights. I don't like writing anymore.

I could make a lot of money consulting. To the point I'd only have to work 2 days a week. I was offered a consulting job at one of my meetings.

I love the Edmonton Oilers. No. Matter. What.

But that's not new. Just have to re-iterate mt feelings.

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I'm going to Vegas, bitches.

Dave Matthews Band is releasing a new cd in April. They begin their spring concert tour in New York. I camethisclose to signing up for tickets to their New York show but saw the dates and knew it wasn't possible.


I bought tickets to BS's concert in Vancouver as a Christmas present to my niece.

I should also say DAMN YOU DOODLEBOPS.

Because the Doodlebops are here the day after Britney and I bought those for my niece and nephew. They're flying in from Calgary and staying the whole next week so we're going over to the island, driving up to Port Hardy and taking the ferry back home for a visit with the parentals and my sister will meet us.

Therefore I can't see DMB in New York.

So, I signed up for tickets in Las Vegas and was advised today, while I was in this big important meeting, I was successful for Vegas.

Now it's a matter of figuring out which one of my friends has a passport and can come to Vegas in May.

The meeting today was awesome. I wish I could go into detail but I can't.

A co-worker and I are thinking if our contracts don't get renewed at the end of March, we're going to start our own consulting company and make a killing. Based on today's meeting alone, we were offered 3 different jobs.


So, Friday night was ladies' poker night at a friend's/co-worker's.

There were actually 5 of my co-workers there. Two just hanging out while the rest of us played.

As you know, I bought a new sweet ride last August that I still love a lot. In fact, when everyone was homebound because of all the snow we had here in Vancouver, I was able to navigate everywhere. It really is a sweet ride.

Well, because of the snow, not all cars could park properly at a friend's. I made it to the driveway and a couple parked on the road, across the street.

My supervisor was one of the poker players. It was raining on Friday. It was dark, you get the drift.

She backed into the car parked on the street. We just heard a smash.

I guess in the vehicle, the passenger said, "YOU HIT GRACE'S CAR!" And they both looked scared at each other like someone was going to die. Then they turned around and saw that it wasn't mine it was a sweet girl's and she said, "Oh no, you hit Mandy's car." And my boss said, "Oh Thank God!".

I find it hilarious.

I mean I wouldn't have killed anyone. I would have done what I always do. Repress my anger while smiling.

Thankfully the damage is minimal. A mirror has to be replaced and a scratch on the door from when the mirror broke.

But why was everyone relieved that it wasn't my car? Was it because my car's new? My co-worker bought hers about 4 months before I bought mine so it's relatively new too. Or was it because of me?

I'm off to Winnipeg on Tuesday. Yeah. Fun stuff. I've decided to start flying back the evening after my meetings are over, if possible, so I could accumulate overtime in case I do get to Scotland for three weeks this summer.

I'm off to Toronto at the end of the month, and possibly off to Ottawa sometime in February. You know how many status airmiles that is? Approximately 10,000. You know how many status airmiles you need to become an elite member for aeroplan in a year? 35,000. I'm probably going to hit that around summer and get early recognition status for next year. You know what that means? More upgrade certificates and another year of early boarding, executive check-in, maple leaf lounge, extra luggage.

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I've always only made one new year's resolution:

1. Travel to a place I've never visited before.

Last year that was accomplished by a trip to New Zealand, as well as parts of Australia I'd never been to.

This year, the resolution still stands.

I'm adding another.

I used to be fairly active. When I think back, it's quite depressing. I used to play hockey, soccer, basketball, softball. I used to ski, snowmobile (that involved lifting the machine out of many tough spots), running, and yoga.

Because I was so active, I never had to watch what I ate, my output was more than my input.

But I've obviously let that slide. Since I've started working far too much these past 5 years, the most activity I get is walking to and from meetings.

But my eating habits haven't changed. Which is part of the problem.

So, my additional NY resolution is to get healthy. Not through fringe diets that would be tempting, but getting back into some of the activities I loved.

I really do miss skiing. Part of my lack of skiing is this city's so pretentious. Back home I could go to 2 mountains and not have to think about what I'm wearing. Is it this year's outfit or last year's?

So, I think I'll go back to trying to start running/jogging again and looking up yoga classes in my neighbourhood.

And cutting back on pizza. And cooking more at home.

Which would help with my just now decided-upon action to pay off my visa in 3 months. It's not a new year's resolution.

The problem with my visa:
- purchasing Oilers tickets (over $2000)
- car repairs (over $2000)
- buying an Air Canada flight pass (over $2000)

Plus some holiday shopping and my sister using the visa card I gave her for purposes she wasn't supposed to (but I'm not going to bitch about). Then there was the lack of reimbursement for travel expenses for great lengths. I just finally received a reimbursement from the government for a trip I took in October (it cost me over $800). Yes, even though I left the gov't, I still occasionally travel on gov't business. In fact, I'm going to Winnipeg next week on gov't business. I travel more for them now that I've left, than I ever did while working there.

Anyway, I guess it adds up to 2 1/4 resolutions.

It doesn't help that I'm planning a trip to Vegas in May to see Dave Matthews Band. In my defense, I need a vacation and I didn't purchse the VIP tickets (for $250 a ticket) like I was going to. Instead I'll be in the audience with the rest of the poor people. I ditched the VIP package so I could possibly stay at a really nice hotel with really comfortable beds.

PS: This city's operations department totally sucks donkey ass.

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Well, I obviously didn't post 365 posts last year. In my defense it was a freakin' busy year.

For all the problems Air Canada had flying out of Vancouver, here's my experience:

I was awake at 5:30 am, finishing packing my clothes and gifts. I shovelled the walk the night before and shovelled again before I left for fear some thieves would know that nobody was home, break in and steal all our stuff.

I then drove to a friend's as she was dropping me off and using my vehicle while I'm away.

Got to the airport about 1.5 hours early. She parked and came in, just in case my flight didn't leave.

The line-up for check-in was freakin' insane. This is where all my insane travelling this past year came in handy. I immediately went to the Executive Check-in. That line-up was insanely long too. Before, you'd just be able to walk up to the counter and check-in. I had to walk around the side towards international departures to get in line.

I was starting to become concerned when we'd barely moved after about 20 minutes, thinking I'm going to miss check-in and be totally screwed.

Then someone from Air Canada was walking along the line asking if anyone is a Super Elite member. When nobody answered, she asked if anyone was an Elite member. The lady in front of me was, as was I so she moved us to the front of the line, ahead of those that paid an arm and a leg for their executive seats.

I then checked in FOUR pieces of HUGE luggage, making sure each weighed less than my allotted 70 lbs each.

Each of my luggage was tagged with "PRIORITY", as was my boarding pass.

I then walked through the priority security check-in lane and proceeded to the Maple Leaf Lounge for complimentary breakfast, beverages and wireless internet connection and announcement for my flight.

Obviously my plane was late leaving but I still got out with no problems whatsoever.

After watching the news, I was one of the fortunate ones.

My 55,000 status miles flying on one airline - and it's partners - paid off.

I have two trips coming up in January. One for four days to Winnipeg and another four day trip to Toronto as well. Thinking about Vegas in February but may hold off until May when DMB is there. Thinking about getting VIP tickets to their concert there.

I got a PS3 for Christmas. I'm going to be either an avid blu-ray dvd collector or a hardcore gamer.

Oh yeah, and my missing awesome camera was found in Toronto. Can't wait to get it. I don't think anyone realized how much I missed it until my friend emailed telling me her new puppy found it under my bed. You'd figure it was Christmas all over again with how I was calling everyone saying, "they found my camera!"

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Oilers are losing 3-0 right now in the second period. We're in a box but we're moving to another box because that's how we roll in the boxes.

These dudes in this suite keep harassing me about the Oilers.

Some friends are talking about us getting our own box for a hockey game and I'm up for it.


Oilers got spanked last night while I was out at a Christmas dinner.

It's like they know when I don't watch, blog, etc.

Man, I was pissed.

People must consider my activities and loyalty to the Oilers before scheduling things.

One dude last night said, "Oilers fans always talk about the 80's"

I said, "Canucks fans always talk about how close they came to almost winning the Cup in 94"

They were hurt.

But you can never outdig me in hockey regarding my Oilers.

I'll take a whole room on.

I'm looking - still - for tickets to tonight's game. I have friends calling friends calling friends.

I'm not willing to pay $300 a ticket. But I might have to.

Because it pains my heart to think I'll be missing my boys while they're here in Vancouver.

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So as to not tempt fate.

Doing a little post.

Since the Oil are facing the nucks.

I have to buy 23 gifts this year.

I've bought 6 so far.

Cost of 6 gifts: $1200.00.

I kid you not.

One of them is a trip to Vegas.

Oilers just scored.

They shall win.

And I shall be in debt for a year after this Christmas.

But it's all good.

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I'm so tired of work. So over having to work. Burnout? Probably.

I'm also tired of people thinking I want to hear their opinions. If I wanted it, I'd ask for it.

If I said something on a teleconference, I really don't need you to follow-up with me after it's over. I said my peace, you said yours, it's over.

I'm so over the Liberal Party. Let it implode.

I've been donating far too much for spoiled children to pout and cry until they get their way.

PS: Don't bother commenting on this. I don't care what your opinion is either.

Yeah, I'm bitchy. I always have been.

I just became too tolerant of shit and now I'm not again anymore.

I'm thinking of taking next week off work. We're supposed to have our retreat and our Christmas party but I'm not a fan of another wasted retreat and not a fan of a Christmas party at a stupid location.

I'm going home for Christmas. Two friends are fighting over which one will be using my Edge while I'm away for two weeks. It's kind of cute.

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Last night, in the cold freezing snow, we went to the casino in Hull.

My friend was playing slots, and I was playing poker.

The staff at the casino are very nice and helpful.

The players at the casino all know each other.

I was the only person "new" at the table.

And I should trust my instinct.

This dude sitting beside me, another person and I were in a hand.

The flop was 5, 6, 7. The turn was a J.

The dude beside me raised $50.

The table was a $1-2 table.

Raising $50 was putting half my chips in.

I had a pair of Q's.

He said, "I have your hand beat." after the other guy folded.

I said, "Do you have a pair of jacks?"

He said no.

That only left a straight.

A straight would beat my queens.

I folded after he said he'd show me his cards.

He only showed me one.

He had a 5.

He didn't show the other and I said, "I had you beat."

Unless he had two pairs.

But he didn't.

A pair of 5's beat my Q's.


It really pissed me off.

The whole night prior he was honest with me.

And then he bluffed me out of a hand I could have won.

Lesson learned.

I ended up losing $50 playing poker.

First time I ever walked out of a casino playing poker with less money than I went in with.

And that pisses me off more.

I blame the tables.

They're all electronic. No dealer. No chips. No moving around of the button.

There's a big difference.

I get my reads on people with how and when they play with their chips, how their hands look (shaking, etc.) when betting or raising.

Here there's no dealer and no real movement. You have to keep an eye on who has the dealer button.

Oh well. Apparently they'll be getting live dealers on December 12.

Not that it helped me this trip.

But their buffet did have mussels! And I probably ate $50 worth of mussels.

Yesterday's meeting was LONG.

And a bit controversial.

Thankfully my time on the committee is done.

A co-worker is taking over the file for me.

Which made the director sad. Because I think he liked my militant ways.

They'll all be meeting in January.

I'll be at home in rainy but warm Vancouver.

I called my boss yesterday as she's just back from vacation and I had some concerns about an employee and it was easier calling than typing it all out on my blackberry.

She said, "It's cold here." So I asked the temperature. And it was like +7. When it's -1000 here.



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