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Oh. My. God. I. Have. A. Blog!

I keep forgetting about it, I know. That's not true. I just don't have anything to blog about.

I've been home the entire month of February, no travelling, no rushing to the airport, no checking into hotels, no meetings in other cities.

I do have a rant on people who have pissed me off lately:

Top of the list would be my roommates:

1. We bought house insurance. It cost us $124 each.
2. We ordered the entire season of Canucks PPV. It cost me $140. I don't watch the Canucks. Ever. Unless of course they're playing the Oilers because I always watch the Oilers. Watching the Canucks play the Oilers isn't because I like the Canucks it's because I'm watching the Oilers and don't care who they're playing. Get it?

Anyway, they start harping me about the house insurance. I gently remind them they still owe me for the Canucks PPV. They don't get it. Still want the $124. Even though they owe me $140.

The satellite is in my name. I ordered the Canucks PPV because they always watch that fucking team.

I ordered NHL Centre Ice because it's the only way I get to watch the Oilers all the time.

My cousin's husband isn't an Oilers fan. He watches the Oilers. When he watches the Oilers, the Oilers lose. I'm 95% positive it's because he's watching. He knows I hate it when he watches. I've said it time and again. He's fucking pissing me off.

I paid for NHL Centre Ice because they said I'd be the only one watching. It cost me $149. If I'm the only one watching why is he FUCKING WATCHING THE OILERS?!

I've also witnessed him watching other games. So shouldn't we be splitting the cost? So far it's almost $300 by myself for watching programs we all watch but I was harassed for the house insurance even though I told them how much they owed me for the Canucks.

Reason #1000 for being pissed off with roomie:

My Dad dropped his cellphone and it cracked the face. He can't read text messages, so I can't send him text messages anymore. Over Christmas, I was going to give him my old cellphone.

But, roommated thought he lost his in Mexico and needed a phone. He saw mine laying around so kept asking for it so he wouldn't have to pay for a new one.

I felt bad for not saying yes so I gave it to him. He actually found his cellphone in his suitcase (shouldn't you look there before saying you lost it?) but it also had a cracked face since he dropped it and didn't bother switching back since mine was better.

Well, apparently there was a recall on the phone so he went into Bell and exchanged my phone for a brand new one for himself, not feeling guilty at all, even knowing that I wanted to give the phone to my Dad and getting himself a brand spanking new one.

While I was cooking dinner yesterday he had the nerve to show me his brand new phone that cost him absolutely fucking nothing while I'm sitting on $300 it cost me to watch hockey and while my Dad still has a cracked cellphone.

My Dad says he doesn't need a new one anyway. Of course he'd say that. But when my Dad was in service areas, he'd send these funny text messages and I miss those so I'm really fucking pissed off.

And the internet connection too. I pay for that, they pay nothing. They have two computers that use the connection. Man, I've been tempted to change the security code for wireless and move the modem to my room and make them start paying.

They have no problems asking me for money when they feel I owe them something but the second I tell them how much I paid for something I'm met with silence.

I realize part of it is my fault. I'm not pushy at all when it comes to cash. Yeah. I make a fair bit of it. It's allowed me to do things, buy things, etc. But I work hard. My day doesn't end at 4:30 and it doesn't start at 8:30. I get emails from back east at 5:30 in the morning. I get emails after 4:30 and I answer.

I go to meetings that are hostile situations. This month, especially. Believe me, I'm underpaid. And I hate it when I feel that people are taking it for granted.

So I make more money than they do. Does that mean I've become some sort of government tax rebate program in-house?

Suffice it to say, because I've been home far too long, I'm taking off this weekend. I decided a trip to my sister's is what the doctor ordered. I'm leaving Thursday and coming back Monday night. We're going to Edmonton to catch the Oilers game on Saturday and just veg.

It's not just my roommates pissing me off. It's a bunch of things. It's just the straw that's breaking my back.

Thankfully, next month I have a bunch of trips planned for work. This experiment of being home for a month was a fail.

I'm gone for a week to the north, a few days in Winnipeg again, a day in Victoria, a possible trip to either Ottawa/Toronto.

And I'm thinking again of buying my own place. The problem is, I don't want a one bedroom/one bathroom apartment. Ugh.

A friend and I are thinking of buying a house. We get along great, we give each other space, we can say what we want.

This house wouldn't be so bad if I felt I could say what's on my mind. Problem is my cousin is delicate. She takes everything and bundles it up and makes herself sick. I don't want to be responsible for someone being sick.


Wow. I rant when I want, eh.

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