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Long time no type! Catch me on twitter. All I have time for is 140 letters for micro-blogging.

This weekend I took off early on Friday, as in before noon, picked up a friend and drove to Portland, Oregon. It's about a 5 hour drive south, not including border wait times.

I love Portland. No taxes, no drama, pretty care-free. We stayed downtown and shopped. Then we drove further south to an outlet mall and went bat crazy.

Thank baby Jesus that our limit increased for trips over 48 hours to $400 per person.

Then we drove closer north last night and spent the morning shopping.

Now I'm home, looking through my purchases and seeing what I don't really want to ship off to family that'll make use of them. Like the chunky heeled shoes.

I'm debating travelling to Victoria tomorrow night and stay overnight for a meeting I have Tuesday. I have to leave Wednesday for Winnipeg, back Friday night.

The week after I'm going to Ottawa. Fun! /end fake excitement

I am going to London for fun. Dave Matthews and Bruce Springsteen in Hyde Park in June. We're going to also check out either Scotland or Ireland. Depends on where the wind takes us. We're only going for two weeks. That's all the time a friend can take off her highly stressful high level job.

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