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Things I've learned so far this year:

Don't volunteer to go to Winnipeg because the meeting looks interesting.

It's freaking freezing in the centre of the country.

I didn't get to visit friends because they're both girls and girls don't like the cold. Neither do I. I guess that means I'm a girl.

That drivers in this city are idiots. It's not a new epiphany. Just cements my belief. Their race, gender, age don't matter. They're just all idiots.

You meet many people in Maple Leaf Lounge. It's like a bar without music and all old people.

I sit in meetings where the combined salaries of those involved would total millions annually but they can be pretty uneducated on matters and require handholding.

That is the most frustrating part of my job.

I've learned I'm tired of fighting, debating, playing devil's advocate and that's 75% of my job.

The other 25 is writing reports, recommendations and analysis of my fights. I don't like writing anymore.

I could make a lot of money consulting. To the point I'd only have to work 2 days a week. I was offered a consulting job at one of my meetings.

I love the Edmonton Oilers. No. Matter. What.

But that's not new. Just have to re-iterate mt feelings.

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