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I've always only made one new year's resolution:

1. Travel to a place I've never visited before.

Last year that was accomplished by a trip to New Zealand, as well as parts of Australia I'd never been to.

This year, the resolution still stands.

I'm adding another.

I used to be fairly active. When I think back, it's quite depressing. I used to play hockey, soccer, basketball, softball. I used to ski, snowmobile (that involved lifting the machine out of many tough spots), running, and yoga.

Because I was so active, I never had to watch what I ate, my output was more than my input.

But I've obviously let that slide. Since I've started working far too much these past 5 years, the most activity I get is walking to and from meetings.

But my eating habits haven't changed. Which is part of the problem.

So, my additional NY resolution is to get healthy. Not through fringe diets that would be tempting, but getting back into some of the activities I loved.

I really do miss skiing. Part of my lack of skiing is this city's so pretentious. Back home I could go to 2 mountains and not have to think about what I'm wearing. Is it this year's outfit or last year's?

So, I think I'll go back to trying to start running/jogging again and looking up yoga classes in my neighbourhood.

And cutting back on pizza. And cooking more at home.

Which would help with my just now decided-upon action to pay off my visa in 3 months. It's not a new year's resolution.

The problem with my visa:
- purchasing Oilers tickets (over $2000)
- car repairs (over $2000)
- buying an Air Canada flight pass (over $2000)

Plus some holiday shopping and my sister using the visa card I gave her for purposes she wasn't supposed to (but I'm not going to bitch about). Then there was the lack of reimbursement for travel expenses for great lengths. I just finally received a reimbursement from the government for a trip I took in October (it cost me over $800). Yes, even though I left the gov't, I still occasionally travel on gov't business. In fact, I'm going to Winnipeg next week on gov't business. I travel more for them now that I've left, than I ever did while working there.

Anyway, I guess it adds up to 2 1/4 resolutions.

It doesn't help that I'm planning a trip to Vegas in May to see Dave Matthews Band. In my defense, I need a vacation and I didn't purchse the VIP tickets (for $250 a ticket) like I was going to. Instead I'll be in the audience with the rest of the poor people. I ditched the VIP package so I could possibly stay at a really nice hotel with really comfortable beds.

PS: This city's operations department totally sucks donkey ass.

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