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I'm so tired of work. So over having to work. Burnout? Probably.

I'm also tired of people thinking I want to hear their opinions. If I wanted it, I'd ask for it.

If I said something on a teleconference, I really don't need you to follow-up with me after it's over. I said my peace, you said yours, it's over.

I'm so over the Liberal Party. Let it implode.

I've been donating far too much for spoiled children to pout and cry until they get their way.

PS: Don't bother commenting on this. I don't care what your opinion is either.

Yeah, I'm bitchy. I always have been.

I just became too tolerant of shit and now I'm not again anymore.

I'm thinking of taking next week off work. We're supposed to have our retreat and our Christmas party but I'm not a fan of another wasted retreat and not a fan of a Christmas party at a stupid location.

I'm going home for Christmas. Two friends are fighting over which one will be using my Edge while I'm away for two weeks. It's kind of cute.

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