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Here I am. In Ottawa. Should be packing. Have a long flight back to Vancouver via Toronto.

This "might" be my last trip to Ottawa.

It's not that I don't like these trips, I actually do.

But I'm starting to not so much like shit happening at the office.

I took this job with no job security because I thought it'd be a fantastic opportunity.

It has been.

Then they hired someone that I just can't work with. And I can work with anyone.

And it's not how she treats me. I don't work out of the office. It's how she treats others. She's made people cry, she's humiliated them, she's demeaned them. She's made them feel less than.

She has made my job a bit more difficult too. I have to go play clean-up at some meetings that she's really effed our relationships up with.

I'd always said, if she's still working for us by the next fiscal year, there's a chance I wouldn't be.

She's going to be here next fiscal year.

I'm not getting a raise. My workload is enough to make me cry if I sat back and thought about it. I haven't been able to sit back and think about it. Because I'm too busy.

Even in this economy I've been getting job offers from all over this country. From organizations who are embarking on the same work we're doing. Sadly none of those are in Edmonton.

So here it is, 5:50 am, and I'm getting ready for a flight back and tired as all hell, I have over 100 hours of overtime racked up and I just want to go back to bed but no, there's a lot of work to do.

I know someone who works for an organization who keeps telling me they'd love to have me. They need me. She's trying to revamp their budget and offer me a job. I've told her what kind of salary I'm looking for. She's agreed that's what I'm worth.

Once that happens it'll be an easier work schedule. 9 to 5 so to speak. Not this 6 - 6 that I seem to work because of eastern time zones.

I've told a couple of people at work about the possibility I'll be leaving and they don't really believe me/don't want to believe me.

There's still some clean up I'll have to do. I figure maybe by the beginning of July. Why? I have a lot of overtime hours to use and holidays to take. I worked hard for them so I want to make sure I take advantage of them.

I do love my job. But if these trips to Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Ottawa, etc. came with a salary that matched, and if a certain person was called on her b.s., I'd be inclined to stay. But it doesn't look like it'll happen.

We'll see.

Right now, I have a plane to catch.

She's lied, she's

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