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So, Friday night was ladies' poker night at a friend's/co-worker's.

There were actually 5 of my co-workers there. Two just hanging out while the rest of us played.

As you know, I bought a new sweet ride last August that I still love a lot. In fact, when everyone was homebound because of all the snow we had here in Vancouver, I was able to navigate everywhere. It really is a sweet ride.

Well, because of the snow, not all cars could park properly at a friend's. I made it to the driveway and a couple parked on the road, across the street.

My supervisor was one of the poker players. It was raining on Friday. It was dark, you get the drift.

She backed into the car parked on the street. We just heard a smash.

I guess in the vehicle, the passenger said, "YOU HIT GRACE'S CAR!" And they both looked scared at each other like someone was going to die. Then they turned around and saw that it wasn't mine it was a sweet girl's and she said, "Oh no, you hit Mandy's car." And my boss said, "Oh Thank God!".

I find it hilarious.

I mean I wouldn't have killed anyone. I would have done what I always do. Repress my anger while smiling.

Thankfully the damage is minimal. A mirror has to be replaced and a scratch on the door from when the mirror broke.

But why was everyone relieved that it wasn't my car? Was it because my car's new? My co-worker bought hers about 4 months before I bought mine so it's relatively new too. Or was it because of me?

I'm off to Winnipeg on Tuesday. Yeah. Fun stuff. I've decided to start flying back the evening after my meetings are over, if possible, so I could accumulate overtime in case I do get to Scotland for three weeks this summer.

I'm off to Toronto at the end of the month, and possibly off to Ottawa sometime in February. You know how many status airmiles that is? Approximately 10,000. You know how many status airmiles you need to become an elite member for aeroplan in a year? 35,000. I'm probably going to hit that around summer and get early recognition status for next year. You know what that means? More upgrade certificates and another year of early boarding, executive check-in, maple leaf lounge, extra luggage.

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