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Last night, in the cold freezing snow, we went to the casino in Hull.

My friend was playing slots, and I was playing poker.

The staff at the casino are very nice and helpful.

The players at the casino all know each other.

I was the only person "new" at the table.

And I should trust my instinct.

This dude sitting beside me, another person and I were in a hand.

The flop was 5, 6, 7. The turn was a J.

The dude beside me raised $50.

The table was a $1-2 table.

Raising $50 was putting half my chips in.

I had a pair of Q's.

He said, "I have your hand beat." after the other guy folded.

I said, "Do you have a pair of jacks?"

He said no.

That only left a straight.

A straight would beat my queens.

I folded after he said he'd show me his cards.

He only showed me one.

He had a 5.

He didn't show the other and I said, "I had you beat."

Unless he had two pairs.

But he didn't.

A pair of 5's beat my Q's.


It really pissed me off.

The whole night prior he was honest with me.

And then he bluffed me out of a hand I could have won.

Lesson learned.

I ended up losing $50 playing poker.

First time I ever walked out of a casino playing poker with less money than I went in with.

And that pisses me off more.

I blame the tables.

They're all electronic. No dealer. No chips. No moving around of the button.

There's a big difference.

I get my reads on people with how and when they play with their chips, how their hands look (shaking, etc.) when betting or raising.

Here there's no dealer and no real movement. You have to keep an eye on who has the dealer button.

Oh well. Apparently they'll be getting live dealers on December 12.

Not that it helped me this trip.

But their buffet did have mussels! And I probably ate $50 worth of mussels.

Yesterday's meeting was LONG.

And a bit controversial.

Thankfully my time on the committee is done.

A co-worker is taking over the file for me.

Which made the director sad. Because I think he liked my militant ways.

They'll all be meeting in January.

I'll be at home in rainy but warm Vancouver.

I called my boss yesterday as she's just back from vacation and I had some concerns about an employee and it was easier calling than typing it all out on my blackberry.

She said, "It's cold here." So I asked the temperature. And it was like +7. When it's -1000 here.




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