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Wow, pretty damn close to halfway through the year already.

Here's a girlie post. It's about emotions and feelings and anger.

One of my favourite movies is "Love Actually". One of my favourite scenes is where Keira Knightley opens her door and her husband's best friend is there with signs like, "To me you are perfect".

I think I've only met one perfect person and he was perfect because of his imperfections.

If you were to believe in the concept or the ideology of love, and that you only have one chance at it, and that chance passed you by, what do you do with the rest of your life?

What is love anyway? Separate "love" from "lust" and "desire" what does it mean today?

Now the caveat to all of this is I'm happy where I am.

I've just had a recent influx of people from my past coming back into my life for various reasons and it's quite odd.

I'm an analyzer by nerdiness. I like disecting and getting to the crux of issues and figuring out what makes it tick.

But what I am tired of is being someone's "Plan B". Good ole reliable jedi will always be there when I need her. NEED. I hate the word "need".

How about you want friends in your life instead of needing them to validate parts of you?

And if you think racism doesn't exist in this country look at people's facebook pages and twitter feeds.

It's disgusting and those that are supposedly tree hugging left wing commies, you'd figure they'd know better. You're on the fucking internet so I'm pretty sure you're capable of googling facts instead of passing along fiction.

And the silence you choose to keep makes you just as guilty as those who speak their perceived truths.

I've stopped talking to a lot of people this past month. Because I'm tired of bullshit and I'm tired of their self-perceived superiority. From someone who's had to work twice as hard to keep up, I am tired of those who feel they're entitled to things because they worked oh so hard.

My biggest fear, apart from losing those I love, is that all the progress I've made these past couple of years will disappear with a simple hello.

PS: I'm thinking of moving to Ottawa. Don't tell anyone.



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