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You know what I'm absolutely sick of?

People's sense of entitlement.

You see it everywhere. Especially in meetings.

You want to be handed a buttload of cash because you specialize in something and by holding the cash you hold the rules and with that, you hold the terms, and with that you hold the authority.

It happened in Winnipeg last week. We had this meeting with this agency that has all the money. A LOT of it. And they wanted to develop a plan for working with us.

And they brought an organization in who doesn't like working with this. I know this because I was given the third degree at a meeting with them over a month ago and I left angrier than I've ever been in years. Swearing and wanting to punch someone in the face angry. I only usually get that way over hockey.

However, sad to say, I'm used to working with people like that. I'm used to being treated like someone they must entertain only because it would be uncivilized not to. They'd rather not be accountable.

After day 1 of the meeting I started hatching a plan on how to get through to these people. I came up with it and decided to take control on day 2. And my plan was evil genius. Right off the bat, I shut them down and shut them up.

Nothing pisses me off more than people who think that because they exist, they're born into a certain entitlement.

Yeah, sure buddy, the world will just come to you and give you everything you want. Work for it. I've had to. Nothing has ever been handed to me. I've worked hard, and continue to do so, for everything I have. And it means nothing to me. If I was in a car crash tomorrow, my nice vehicle would be toast but it's just a car.

Not that I'm a martyr. I do something, it has my name on it, but for the most part, I'm not looking for glory, I'm looking for results.

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