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Well, I obviously didn't post 365 posts last year. In my defense it was a freakin' busy year.

For all the problems Air Canada had flying out of Vancouver, here's my experience:

I was awake at 5:30 am, finishing packing my clothes and gifts. I shovelled the walk the night before and shovelled again before I left for fear some thieves would know that nobody was home, break in and steal all our stuff.

I then drove to a friend's as she was dropping me off and using my vehicle while I'm away.

Got to the airport about 1.5 hours early. She parked and came in, just in case my flight didn't leave.

The line-up for check-in was freakin' insane. This is where all my insane travelling this past year came in handy. I immediately went to the Executive Check-in. That line-up was insanely long too. Before, you'd just be able to walk up to the counter and check-in. I had to walk around the side towards international departures to get in line.

I was starting to become concerned when we'd barely moved after about 20 minutes, thinking I'm going to miss check-in and be totally screwed.

Then someone from Air Canada was walking along the line asking if anyone is a Super Elite member. When nobody answered, she asked if anyone was an Elite member. The lady in front of me was, as was I so she moved us to the front of the line, ahead of those that paid an arm and a leg for their executive seats.

I then checked in FOUR pieces of HUGE luggage, making sure each weighed less than my allotted 70 lbs each.

Each of my luggage was tagged with "PRIORITY", as was my boarding pass.

I then walked through the priority security check-in lane and proceeded to the Maple Leaf Lounge for complimentary breakfast, beverages and wireless internet connection and announcement for my flight.

Obviously my plane was late leaving but I still got out with no problems whatsoever.

After watching the news, I was one of the fortunate ones.

My 55,000 status miles flying on one airline - and it's partners - paid off.

I have two trips coming up in January. One for four days to Winnipeg and another four day trip to Toronto as well. Thinking about Vegas in February but may hold off until May when DMB is there. Thinking about getting VIP tickets to their concert there.

I got a PS3 for Christmas. I'm going to be either an avid blu-ray dvd collector or a hardcore gamer.

Oh yeah, and my missing awesome camera was found in Toronto. Can't wait to get it. I don't think anyone realized how much I missed it until my friend emailed telling me her new puppy found it under my bed. You'd figure it was Christmas all over again with how I was calling everyone saying, "they found my camera!"

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