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Great. I'm still on Ontario time. It's 4:30 but my body thinks it's 7:30 so I'm wide awake. And I've been awake for about an hour. All because I went to sleep at about 7 last night. I was supposed to go to a Liberal event last night but instead didn't. I'm going to one tonight instead.

The flight home yesterday morning was pretty damn good. I don't think I'll ever be able to fly in "economy" class ever again, knowing how great it is to fly executive.

They hung up my jacket. I was served fresh fruit and juice to start off, then an omelette with tea, then warm cookies with ice cream and milk, then almonds with a soft drink. All from a big comfortable chair and a huge arm rest and pillows and blankets.

The flight attendant kept calling me "sweetie". I guess she thought I was a kid. In "economy" class I don't get called anything. Maybe the odd, "hey you".

I saw Zack and Miri Make A Porno yesterday too. Freakin' funny movie. I love Kevin Smith.

I have one more sleep here in Vancouver then I'm gone until Monday again. This time it's personal. I'm off to see the Oilers! It's like a reward for the past few weeks of hell.

I have one of the best nieces, ever. One of my other niece's was walking home from school when she saw Jac standing in the front yard, yelling at the teenagers across the street. I guess they were telling the 5 year old that the Oilers sucked. And Jac was fighting with them about it. She wouldn't stop telling them off. My oldest niece asked the teenaged boys what they got out of arguing with a little girl. I'm just so proud that she was telling them off.

My Dad decided to have fun with Jac and started arguing with her on the phone about the Oilers too. She just wouldn't let up. He was exhausted trying to tell her the nucks were better so he just handed the phone to Mom. Mom says Jac's brainwashed. I just think she's a genius. Obviously her loyalty will be rewarded and she's coming to the game on Saturday.

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