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I didn't blog the last two games and the Oilers lost both. Pattern? Perhaps. But it really is pissing me off.

I went to Edmonton with three of my nieces for the game and it was fun save for Horcoff blowing an empty net goal that allowed the Avs to score with seconds remaining and then Horcoff again blowing on the shootout that allowed the Avs to win.

My love for the Oilers ultimately trumped my affection for Ryan Smyth. When the game was tight, with Smytty being dangerous with the puck and all, I found myself shouting, "Hit him!" And I really wanted them to hit him.

I'm supposed to go into the office to do staff orientation. I also need to book my trip to Toronto then Ottawa for, well, I guess Friday. Where the hell is the time going?

I was actually supposed to be in the office 45 minutes ago but I'm not even ready. I just need a week in bed, with no worries and no responsibilities whatsoever.

I need to check out how much time I can take off. And then maybe go somewhere fabulous. Or just stay home and in bed. I mean I have a kickass bed and a kickass TV.

I should get going though if I want to be home by 4 pm to catch the Oilers on TV.



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