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So tonight, a friend that moved here called and we went out for dinner. We walked to "downtown" Ottawa and tried finding a nice establishment that was televising the Oilers game and we couldn't find one so we ended up at the dive restaurant known as Don Cherry's.

The service didn't start out bad but the food turned out to suck. I guess they thought they were serving burgers to 5 year old's as it was dry and had no fixings. We had to ask for mustard, mayo, ketchup and relish. And they forgot to bring it. By the time it was brought out, our burgers were cold so we had to ask for them to be re-heated.

Seriously. It sucked.

And the bar was full of nerds. Some even had pocket protectors.

And one thought he was being cool blocking my view during the third period.

I had to yell, "EXCUSE ME!" and he's like, "I'm trying to sit down" Since I know it doesn't take five minutes to sit the eff down I said, "you're not doing a great job of sitting the eff down" and they all got "whoa". Nobody gets between me and my Oilers.

So the nerds thought they'd get their revenge by cheering on the Rangers. But this revenge of the nerds amounted to eff all since the Oilers won in a shootout. Hemsky!!!!!!!!

And totally random, in to the bar walks in one of our old friends from the last liberal leadership convention so we had a LPC discussion.

I'm at a crossroads.

And totally random but as I'm typing out this blog post my MP just called me.

I am happy the convention is taking place in Vancouver. I was contemplating not going and the excuse would have been it would cost too much to fly to Toronto and set up a hotel but with it being in Vancouver I just have to pay the price of admission.


Oh. I'm totally sober. Didn't have an ounce to drink. Just jacked up on the Oilers win.

I have an early flight tomorrow.

I'm worried I'll sleep in.

I have my alarm clock set for 5:50 am and I have a wake up call at 5:45. I'm already packed up. It should take about 15-20 minutes to get to the airport. I'm not going to shower. Eff that.

Anyway. I should be sleeping.

I'm back here two weeks from today, bitches. Bring your poker chips and we'll throw down. Y'all ain't ready.

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