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Oilers take on the Red Wings. When I didn't blog about it, they lost like 50-0.

So I'm blogging today.

I may get busted since I'm sitting in a meeting.

I just got into a public debate with a government official.

And it felt good.

I may do that again.

It looks like I'll be leaving. Probably in the spring.

The more I think about it, the more I believe it'd be a good move. There may be short-term pain, but the long-term gain is far too great to ignore.

Plus, I'm working myself into a lot of anger where I work right now. With office politics.

If I wanted to be a part of office politics, I'd have hung around gov't and at least had a nice tidy pension at the end.

I received a "raise" but the raise isn't something I'm happy with. Not when I know one particular employee who doesn't carry even half of my workload is getting paid more than I am.

So there you go. Another move.

I saw RockNRolla last night. Freakin' hilarious movie.

Why, when you go to a movie with a guy, it's considered a date, but when you go with a girl, it's hanging out. I went to a movie last night a guy friend and suddenly we're dating. I told my friend that advised me of that, is if hanging out and doing stuff is considered a date, she and I are in what amounts to a committed relationship.



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