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I probably don't fit the profile of a frequent flyer. I dress comfortably for flying and I'm not wearing anything Gucci or Prada.

But so far this year I've flown over 50,000 miles. About 15,000 of that thanks to my trip to New Zealand and Australia.

The rest is pretty much work related.

So, I don't usually take advantage of some of the benefits of flying frequently with Star Alliance.

For example, I have only used one upgrade certificate and I haven't used Maple Leaf Lounge yet either.

But I do like the priority baggage tag so I'm not waiting around for my suitcase upon landing.

I decided to use my gold benefit today when checking my luggage though since my friend's boyfriend was late bringing me to the airport.

I usually tag my own luggage and just drop off. The luggage line was in the same area as the executive. Both lines were small, the luggage dropoff smaller so I got in that. The chick checking luggage ahead of me was slow though so the person at executive waved me over.

She didn't put the priority tag on my suitcase so I asked her if she would. She looked at my ticket and said, "oh you do have priority. You belong over here." And put the tag on my suitcase.

It's nice to "belong" sometimes.

I may upgrade the flight home. Especially if I fly back tomorrow night instead of Wednesday afternoon.

I'll first see if the Sens are playing.



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