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I left my cellphone in Toronto. My friend's boyfriend was late getting me to the airport because he didn't want to wake up and I didn't want to yell "HURRY UP, I'LL BE LATE!"

So while sitting in the car, constantly looking at the time, I dropped my cellphone under the seat. I made a note to myself to pick it up when exiting the vehicle but by the time we got to the airport, I forgot and just jumped out, grabbed my suitcase and took off.

I didn't realize I left it until I was on the airplane. I have rituals when I fly. I send my sister text messages when I'm in my seat, telling her what time I'm expected to land. When I reached into my pocket to text, I couldn't find my cell. I had to re-hash my movements. Did I leave it on a chair in the waiting area? Security? At check-in? Nope, in the car! I sent a quick email from my blackberry. It's being shipped to my home.

So, if you have my cell, odds are I won't be taking your call for the rest of the week. Most have my email so that's the best way to get a hold of me since it loads on my blackberry.

It's freaking freezing in Ottawa. And even though my hotel window is closed, it wasn't locked all the way so there was a bit of an air drift that I didn't find out about until this morning. And I heard it all night. I thought they just had shitty windows.

And a noise I'm not used to. Snow removal. Yes, not only is it freaking freezing in Ottawa, it freaking snowed too.

I was thinking about flying back tonight instead of tomorrow but I had such a horrible night of sleep that I don't see myself surviving a long day by flying home. Which means I'll be here until the afternoon tomorrow.

An organization and I have been trying to set up a meeting for awhile. They got their wrists slapped for hosting meetings without us. So, they scheduled a meeting around my schedule. Problem is, it's happening when I'd normally be on a flight. So I'm joining via conference call. And the time of the call is the time I'd be flying back. And I can't complain. Because the date and time were picked by me, long before I had this trip to Ottawa.

Where it's freaking freezing. And I keep repeating that because I'll soon be going out in that freaking freezing weather. And I'm not going to enjoy it.

And I missed the Sens game last night. Because I didn't want to be out in the freaking freezing weather at night.



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