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I'm not a fan of attending plenary panels at conferences. It is usually self-congratulatory in nature. I'm now feeling guilty for missing yesterday's. Apparently a discussion by one of the people I've met here made the chair of the conference cry and at the table I'm sitting at right now, there's a lot of drama.

It is now about 8 minutes after 10 and I'm ready to end it all and nap. Or go back to my room and watch Oprah and drink hot chocolate.

I'm a bit miffed with myself as I deleted an email and emptied out my trash and I lost the number of a friend of mine and can't access my facebook email to get the number of a friend that lives here so we can maybe catch an early dinner or something.

My cousin that lives here is a flight attendant and is out of the city so no get together with her. Two weeks from today I'll be back in this hell hole.

Any place that isn't home and where the Oilers aren't playing and isn't NZ or Aus is a hell hole.

It's actually funny when people will only do things that aren't inconvenient to them and when you try attach practice to it they're reluctant to follow through.

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