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Tired of excuses? Me too.

Here's an update:

I flew to Toronto for a day of meetings.

Spent the weekend in Toronto.

Flew to Fredericton.

Flew back to Toronto after 3 days of meetings.

Spent the weekend.

Flew back to Vancouver Sunday.

Caught up on some sleep.

Attended some meetings.

Arranged two days of training for staff that ends tomorrow.

I'm quite the genius. Everyone likes the training so far.

It helps to provide lunch.

Tomorrow I fly to Ottawa.

Will be there until Tuesday, when I fly home. In executive class.

You read that right. Those big comfy seats where I can sprawl out.

I'll work diligently Wednesday and Thursday.

I'll fly out Thursday for Calgary.

My Oilers need me.

They're not doing well because I haven't been posting, I'm sure.

I must change that.

So, I'm going to Calgary and then going to Edmonton to catch a game.

Because apparently I haven't been flying enough.

Then I'm back at work for the whole week.

Then I FLY OUT AGAIN on Friday for Toronto to spend the weekend and then Ottawa for meetings the following week.

You keeping up? That's 4 weekends in a row I'm not home.

I will be here, barring unforeseen circumstances for the final week in November.


I was supposed to go to Hawaii after Christmas, but we changed it.

We're going in February to Cuba or something. Because it'll be cheap and we can go for a week instead of 4 days we were planning.

And I'll miss the Oilers game here on December 26, because I'll be back home. I haven't been home for awhile and two weeks there sounds good. I just haven't decided if I'll make the drive or fly. I fly, I'll be beholden to other people's schedules while I'm there, bumming a ride here and there. I drive it's a long freakin' drive in the middle of winter and it'd be by myself. Which wouldn't be bad since I have the cool new wheels but I'd actually have to buy winter tires and that'd cost a fair bit of coin.

Man, the Oilers got spanked tonight.

I promise to post daily. I haven't been giving enough Oiler love lately.

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