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I think I figured out what's been missing in my life.

Since we switched to Bell Expressvu - which, by the way is MILES AND MILES better than Starchoice - I haven't been catch Food TV.

Since I work from home half the time, I'll usually have Food TV on as background noise between 9 am - 10 am. It's a mix-up of Everyday Italian, Barefoot Contessa, Anna's something or other or Tyler's Ultimate. I love Everyday Italian. It's probably the only Italian I can tolerate.

Anyway, I didn't subscribe to Food TV so I haven't had my fix of Giada. I decided to start subscribing and my mornings have just been better.

Now I've been assured by Bell that they're working on getting MSNBC. They called me to ask how I'm liking the service and that was my complaint. I get Faux News, I get CNN, but no MSNBC and I'm missing Keith and now that Rachel has her own show I need that fix.

I think if I post three times a day, I may make up posts quickly.

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