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I have a headache.

I'm supposed to meet my brother for dinner tonight, give him the hockey tickets for tonight's game and drop them off at said game.

I'm also supposed to fly out tonight for Calgary for the weekend.

We're looking at driving up to Edmonton on Sunday if we can score tickets to the Avalanche game. So I'm packing my Smytty jersey because I still love him.

My Mom's going to make turkey.

I get to hug and kiss my nieces and nephews.

I used my points to fly Mom to Calgary. I bought 10 travel credits through Air Canada for myself (something around 2K). While booking my seats, I was checking out what seats were assigned to my Mom and what seats so I could sit somewhere close.

Turns out, on my points, she's flying "business class". I'll be passing by her to sit in coach.

I bought the 10 travel credits because I figured I'm going there for a few hockey games and why not pay up front for cheaper than wait for airfares. Plus, pay up front, pay it off, get 700 extra air miles and then fly "free" later.

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