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I did something that made me feel really, really dirty.

The dirtiest I've ever felt.

I had to shower and scrub.

It was so gross and disgusting and demeaning and I swear I lost a bit of my soul after it was all done.

I bought tickets on ebay to see the canucks for a game that doesn't feature the Oilers.

The only team worse than the leafs when paying for tickets.

The flames.

My brother's in town so I've been talking to him daily. On Sunday when we were out and about he asked if I knew anyone who would have tickets to the game on Thursday.

See, my brother loves the Flames.


I want DNA tests done.

So, I was scouring e-bay last night and bid on a pair and got them.

Thankfully I won't be tortured with having to attend the game, but it's still pretty gross that "flames/canucks" is showing up on my credit card.

It made him happy though.

So I suppose that makes it a little better.

But it still is disgusting.

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