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I'm pissed off.

I blame many people.

Myself included.

I mostly blame "unnamed sources", NDP and Green voters.

I blame them because Layton is a douchebag.

If you costed out the NDP platform it'd spiral our country into a deficit that would make us look like Americans.

If you voted for Layton based on his platform, just because you want a free education and free childcare, congratulations, you have neither.

If you voted for the Greens because you care about the environment, congratulations, it's going to get worse.

Dion was a chance for change and we all dropped the ball.

Now the "unnamed sources" are talking about him stepping down.

Look, the problems with the Liberal Party were there long before Dion took the helm. They're still there today. That's not going to change with a new leader.

But thanks for pissing me off.

I'll be spending my time evaluating my participation in a party that puts personal greed and want of power ahead of the good of the country.

The rest of you can imagine living on ichiban for the rest of your lives on your wasted vote of Layton.

And those that voted for Stephen Harper. Congratulations. You get the prime minister you deserve.

Unfortunately so do I.


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