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I'm 1,000 posts behind.

It seems like I've been gone forever.

It's that time.

That time where I'm not happy with my job.

That it's starting to feel like a job.

If I didn't have a great supervisor, I'd probably be handing in my resignation.

I've been offered other jobs. With different organizations. Throughout this country.

I could move to Ontario (Toronto/Ottawa), Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba.

If it weren't getting so cold out now, I'd probably think about doing any of those immediately.

If I didn't have a great supervisor and me leaving would really cause a lot of unearned stress on someone I genuinely like.

But there's always that one person.

That one person where you work that just has to be a completely clueless control freak.

Who ruins it for everyone.

It's gotten to the point where I'm looking for other jobs.

Next step is updating the resume.

Then it's sending in updated resume and cover letter to potential employers.

Then it's negotiating salary.

Submitting resignation.

Possibly moving.

Possibly starting new somewhere else.

The money would have to be worth the headache of a move to a new place.

The job would have to be worth the headache of a move.

But it's a possibility I'm more than open to.

But to give people the benefit of the doubt, for the first time, I'm going to express my dissatisfaction with the direction of things lately and see if there'll be a change before throwing in the towel.

I can hold out until spring. It'd take me that long to look at other possibilities anyway.

Maybe I've just been on the road far too long.

And here I am. Away for 9 days now. I'll be home for 5 days, then gone again for another 4.

And maybe I just want my own bed.

I'm booking meetings into January now for crying out loud. I already have two trips planned with at least 4 days for each in January.

When the hell did I become that person?

Sorry, my calendar's full, are you available in February?


I link this trip with the Oilers downturn. I haven't been able to catch any of the games and they know I'm not watching so they have no motivation to win.

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