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The problem with dreams is you eventually wake up from them. And sometimes you're actually awake when you wake up for them.

I've thought about blogging. Especially with everything going on and the desire to vent. The problem is, with everything going on, I don't even have time to vent.

Sleep to dream her/him. Sometimes you wake up and you want to go right back to sleep.

Sometimes you wake up and you realize that you're living a nightmare.

I'm off to Toronto late October and instead of coming home, I'm staying there. Forever. Well, not really, just the weekend since I have to fly to Fredericton after that. I've never been to New Brunswick before so it should be interesting.

But dreams. I'm so disappointed that I woke up too early today.

I just want to sleep.

I'm hoping by mid-week next week, life will get less hectic.

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