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Reason #593 on why I dislike canuck fans.

Their team is going to suck this year. Everyone knows it.

Yes, they beat Edmonton in a shootout last night but that's because Horcoff wasn't participating in the shootout and Garon wasn't on his game.

It's not going to happen in the regular season. They're going to stink.

So the canucks make the game in December against the Oilers "Linden" night. Where they're retiring the number of a player whose statistics don't merit retirement but he's "the heart" of the canucks.

As a result, ticket prices are jacked up. I saw a listing on e-bay for $900! By the time December rolls around there's a good chance the canucks will be 3-15-4 or something. In other words, sucking. The only reason they'll be able to sell tickets at that jacked up price is because of Linden.

Which makes it hard for an Oil fan such as myself to get tickets. I'll wind up biting the bullet and paying but it certainly won't be to see Linden's number go up to the rafters. It's to cheer on the copper and blue.

I hope the Oilers win that game by a score of 10-0. And also, the Oilers don't do well with game delays due to retirement ceremonies. Another reason why the Canucks suck. They probably know that.


I hate them and their fans.

On the back of my new Edge, I'm going to get the Oilers logo put on my window. Boo yah.

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