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I've been in meetings every. day. this. week.

The one on Monday was boring as hell.

The past two days was basically a staff meeting/retreat/strategic planning. It's had good mixed with bad.

In order for me to feel less guilty of not buying an environmentally vehicle, I picked up co-workers and we carpooled.

I got home, fed the stupid pets and was planning on skipping out on an event a friend signed me up for but I couldn't. I received a text message saying, "LISTEN SAYING NO IS NOT AN OPTION! GET DRESSED AND GET GOING"

I felt guilty so I got dressed and went. It was a fundraiser/gala and it was a "free" meal.

The mother of Montreal's new hot goaltender was in attendance and she along with her son donated a bunch of autographed stuff to auction off.

My friend was bidding on an autographed picture but stop bidding when it reached $250.00. I kept telling her to bid but she chickened out.

The next item was an autographed stick. I stopped bidding when the price his $400.00.

The last item was an autographed jersey. I stopped bidding on my own when it hit $450.00. Then my friends with me said we should do a joint bid amongst the three of us.

I stopped bidding when it got to $600 ($200 a piece). Then I started bidding again at $800.00 after a discussion amongst the three of us.

Then the bidding was $900 and the person was going once, twice, and I stuck my hand up to bid $925.00. I figured if we were going to bid $800 why not bid $925.00.

We won.

I'm a 1/3 owner of an autographed jersey. His Mom came up to congratulate us on the purchase.

Since it was my hand flying up and down people thought I bid on my own and kept congratulating me.

I haven't even spent this kind of money on Oilers memorabilia and I was feeling a little guilty but then I thought of the cause the money is going to and felt a bit better.

I don't have custody of it first. I'll be getting it next month. We're quite sure this is going to end up in a court hearing.

We've also decided we're going to see a hockey game in la belle province.

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