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Well this totally sucks. I've been doing my best to buy things - no matter what the cost - that promotes local/national businesses and less goods that are made in other countries. For example, buying a Ford.

It's something I've been doing regarding political/positional beliefs as well. For example, ironically, even though she's very liberal, I don't pay to see any movies with Susan Sarandon. Why? Because I remember an article on her when she was protesting for the release of a cop killer in Philadelphia. Same with Rage Against the Machine. Love them. Won't buy their music because they put up a benefit concert for the same cop killer.

Now, after a glass of wine yesterday and reading my rss feeds, a link in a site directed me to a list of celebrities who have made political donations.

I've always known there was a reason why I loved Edward Norton.

Dammit, I can't find the website to link to.

Suffice it to say, Dean Koontz has donated thousands and thousands to the RNC and various presidential candidates.

I LOVE reading Dean Koontz novels. I look forward to new releases.

But if I'm going to judge liberal supporters harshly and not support their endeavors financially, shouldn't I do the same for conservative supporters?

Knowledge is sometimes not power.

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