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The new facebook layout totally sucks. ASS! I hate it. I don't like logging into facebook anymore. It looks like someone threw up a bunch of information and left it as is.

So, I've gone to simply twittering everything. It's simple, I'm following Barack Obama on twitter at www.twitter.com/BarackObama, I'm following the Liberals at www.twitter.com/LiberalTour and a bunch of other people including some little foreign Bangladeshi dude.

So long as twitter doesn't turn into facebook I'm good to go.

I'm supposed to go to the riding office tonight and volunteer but after a LONG BORING MEETING I'm too exhausted and may just scrounge for food and go to bed.

Especially since I have two more days of boring meetings ahead.

My meeting in Winnipeg was cancelled because of this election. Go figure. Another reason not to vote for Harper.

We did get our Oilers tickets and they look better than last year's. Man, I can't wait until we get full-fledged season tickets.

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