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Yesterday was such a great day to go kayaking.

Christian, our instructor, was fantastic. There was just my friend and I, along with Christian and we were out there for four freakin' hours.

I can't believe how far we went.

New lesson: for canoeing, you pull when rowing. For kayaking, you push, or your arms will get sore. It's easy to learn when you're out there for four hours or you'd be too sore to get back to the dock.

Definitely going to do it again next weekend.

It could be an expensive hobby. So we're looking at purchasing our own kayaks.

The great thing is, unlike cycling or running in this city, you can pretty much kayak no matter what the weather.

In fact, I'd probably prefer kayaking with light rain so all the frat boys with boats won't be barrelling up and down the inlet.

I took some pictures but I'm too lazy to upload right now. Plus, I haven't even uploaded all my pictures to facebook of the family's visit.

If you know of anyone who's selling a nice kayak, give me their digits. I'd prefer one in red or blue. Actually, red. Those look sweet on the water.

Christian told us about a 6 day trip they took up to Clayquot during the summer. I may make it my goal to take that trip next summer.

Seriously, this is a fantastic exercise and you're totally one with nature.

And harper is a tool.

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