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I bought a 2008 Ford Edge. Navy blue.

Very sweet.

I drove to Kamloops on Saturday to meet the parents and rugrats.

How it all went down:

I decided to buy the Edge, primarily because of the vista sunroof. I have an aversion to closed in spaces after driving a convertible for years. And the sunroof on the Edge is the best out of all the vehicles I was looking at.

So, having decided to buy the Edge, I called the salesman I was working with and told him I wanted it in red with dvd navigation and the sunroof. I even told him what dealership he could find it. We set up an appointment to stop by the dealership before I went to the bank so I'd know exactly how much I'd need.

I get to the dealership. I ask to look at the vehicle. They tell me they don't have it, that I can pick it up on Monday. Huh? Throughout this entire process they keep hounding me, telling me that once I make up my mind, they can have the vehicle for me at the snap of the fingers.

I had to drive over a bridge to get to the dealership, but it takes 3 days for them to get over a bridge with a car? I told them if I'm paying X amount of dollars for a new vehicle, I should get it the same day I pay for it. For some reason, they think this is unreasonable. They had all day to pick it up. They didn't. They told me that they had to wait until I paid fully for it. I said if they had have told me that earlier, I could have dropped off money earlier instead of messing around all day.

They still say they can have it first thing Monday morning for me. Not good enough. I even ask if I can pay for it and pick it up at the other dealership. I'm told no.

I hate being told no, and I hate being told what I can and cannot do. I know my own limitations, I don't need anyone telling me what they are.

They're giving major attitude, like there's something wrong with me for believing I can pick it up the very same day. I get the whole, "I've been selling cars for 17 years and you don't pick it up the same day you buy it." In ALL those 17 years nobody's left the lot with a car after they bought it? I know one person that did. When I bought my first car, I drove off with it the very same day I plunked down money for it.

I was disagreeing with their opinion on this so the salesman turned around and told me, "If you think you can pick up the car the same day from the dealer, go find one."

And I did. I called the dealer that they inadvertently told me had my car and asked if I came in with the money, would they give me the car the same day. They said of course they would. I stopped by my bank, stopped by the house to drop off my car and hitched a ride to the dealership. I was welcomed with open arms. I suppose they found it strange that I was walking in and buying a car, sight unseen.

But believe me, I researched a wide range of vehicles before I settled on this. So if they had the colour and the style in stock, I don't need to look at it again.

And man, I love it. LOVE IT!

We went to see House Bunny last night. Of course it's not the greatest movie ever but it's pretty freakin' funny. The girls loved it.

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