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Bad blogger, bad!

Did I say I bought a new vehicle? A Ford Edge?

I didn't even get the usual peanut gallery comments that I expected from the cheese. Man, that boy needs meat on his bones.

My niece and I picked him up to go cellphone shopping and he was adamant that we listen to Folsom Prison Blues by Everlast the entire time. I didn't argue. You spend four months in a Bangladeshi prison you should be able to listen to whatever music you want for the 10 minutes you're in my vehicle.

Went down to the Gorge to see DMB. They still rock. It was a bit of "letting go" happening too. Turned into an interesting adventure.

I'm going to start kayaking. First lessons, then renting a kayak for day trips, then buying one and storing it.

Yes, you read that right. One of my favourite memories of Australia was kayaking. I don't spend enough time around the water and I miss it. A friend and I are going to start this week and go at least once a week after that.

I've tried posting a picture of my sweet, sweet ride, but blogger's being a b*tch, as usual.

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