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Yesterday was a busy day with working and then meeting the peanut gallery for dinner then driving out to UBC to pick up a friend so we can go to the ferry to pick up her friends. They're going to Europe for 6 weeks and had some boxes with their bikes in them and my new crossover is coming in handy for transporting I guess.

The peanut gallery was late, thus making me late.

We went to our usual spot of Earl's.

The peanut gallery was in usual form. He claims that being in some Bangladeshi prison for 4 months makes it socially acceptable to do death stares at the cleavage area of our servers. And even those that aren't our servers. I decided to make a comment saying, "Our waitress is cute" because she was. And he went really red. Here's proof:

The problem with his excuse is, it doesn't explain all the death stares he did prior to his trip to prison.

One of the servers passed by with a nice set obviously aided by some surgeon and the peanut gallery blushed again. I said, "yeah, nice, but she has a tattoo down her back that would be distracting." And he replied, "yeah but I won't see it" to which I replied, "in certain circumstances you would." and the poor innocent boy had to think about circumstances where he'd see the distracting tattoo. I still don't think he gets it. I hope someone explains it to him.

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