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Who I would like to punch in the face:

Edmonton Oilers

Yes, you read that right.

I'm pissed off with the Oilers.

Not the team itself, per se, but the Oilers sales office.

Last year we bought 4 Oiler mini-packs to see 6 games. They were two pairs, one row apart from each other, which is essentially 6 seats between us, plus the stairs. Not bad.

Because we purchased those, we were given a code for an advance purchase sale as a returning customer.

The problem being of course, so was everyone else. Because the Oilers are Team Awesome this year, more people who signed up last year were returning this year.

So here's what happened.

I logged in, couldn't find 4 seats together, went back, found 2 together in one section and 2 together in another. There was some glitch and it brought me back to the front page. Then I guess half a million other Oiler fans signed in so I was stuck in a "lobby" waiting in queue to get back in. If your account is inactive and you haven't added anything to your cart in 5 minutes, it releases the tickets you were holding. I was hung up in the lobby for about 20 minutes. So when I finally got back in, it already released my seats. And I couldn't find tickets again. Not where I wanted.

Granted, there were other mini-packs available and I'm sure if I looked at them, I would have gotten a pair through one of them. The problem is, I live in Vancouver. My sister lives in Calgary. We can only attend weekend games. Some of the other packs had awesome games. Like the Leafs coming to town for the first time in years. I should have bought those just to sell them and recover costs since it was the middle of the week game.

I had my sister call the Oilers and leave our account representative a voicemail. I then sent a harshly worded email.

I'm no fan of the Canucks but I kindly told my Oilers representative that the way the Canucks handle their mini-packs (called half season tickets, etc.) is much better than how the Oilers handle it.

They should have looked at what you bought and the seats you had and asked if you wanted them again this year. We would have kindly said yes. For those that weren't returning, their seats could be thrown into a lotto and given dibs to others who had purchased, or thrown to the general population.

Yes, the Oilers are having a general population mini-pack draw too. Yes, we signed up for them. But it's a stupid way to do business considering we were trying to be returning customers.

I was soo pissed off yesterday at everything and everyone.

Then I got two pieces of good news.

My car purchase is going pretty good now. I should be getting a new vehicle this weekend or early next. The issue is colour of the car and features I want included. I figure if I'm going to get a car, it might as well have everything I want in it. Men just don't understand the importance of colour on the inside and out. I want a new car that is a colour I can live with. Yes the light blue has all the features I want. BUT IT'S LIGHT BLUE! And BEIGE on the inside. I gave my colour choices in order of preference: red, blue, black. The interior MUST be black. There's no getting around this. Showing me a light blue, then a grey and then a white isn't going to cut it. I don't care if the pricing will change in a week. I'll wind up hating them and wanting to punch them in the face if they have me fade out and just get a colour I hate.

So, they found a red one, with the features I like (vista sunroof, navigation, NOT 20" wheels!) that's black inside. How hard was that? You just look through stock, it's not rocket science.

And for whatever reason, my bank's sending me a computer. When applying for my car loan, she noticed I did a fair bit of email money transfers (for when I owe co-workers money, or am sending my sister some money) and they cost $1.50 per transaction. She told me if I upgraded my account and paid $1 more in service fees (don't get me started on that rant) I get two free email money transfers a month. Then yesterday, for whatever reason, I received a letter saying I met all the conditions for a PC. Huh? I thought it was a joke. It wasn't. Bizarre. It's not the greatest computer in the world, and I wouldn't necessarily say it's free, but I'm getting it in 5-10 business days. My parents and the kids should be here tomorrow. When I was talking about my cousin's new laptop to my Mom she said, "Oh when you get tired of yours and buy a new one, you can give us yours." Given this is a black macbook and it cost me a pretty penny, I don't see myself getting tired of it anytime soon. So I can give them the one I got for "free".

I'm seeing DMB next weekend. A WEEK FROM TODAY!!!! I can't wait. I've been in a funk since their saxophonist died earlier this week. You get the chance, download a copy of any live version of the song Two Step, and you'll hear what a complete genius he was at what he did.

You know what happens when you don't race your own race? You come in 8th. I'm so glad I didn't PVR Adam Van Koeverden's race this morning, it would have been a waste. Carries the Canadian flag into the opening ceremonies as our odds on favourite to bring home gold and he placed 8th. After killing the field to advance to the finals. You have to feel sorry for him. But after reading his interview, he wasn't racing his race. He was concentrating too much on the field in the race and not enough on how he will race. Poor guy. He finished better than I ever would have.

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