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People who I want to punch in the face part 3 (or 4, I forget).

I have a lot of news sites on my google reader. The Huffington Post being one. So every morning I wake up with about 50+ stories to scan through. Eighty percent of the time, I scan through them and just look for catch phrases that interest me.

This morning there was a story on the US-born son of illegal immigrants who won gold at the Olympics. The author then stated, "only can happen in America".

I hate that. I want to punch people in the face that believe the United States is the ONLY country in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD who can have stories of coming from abject poverty to success. That ONLY the US is capable of such feats like this and that's what makes them SO SPECIAL.

That him waving around the US flag because he's so honoured to be in America is a story so unique that no other athletes could ever understand.

Two people for you:

Daniel Igali, gold medalist, Canada, Sydney Olympics, wrestling
Carol Huynh, gold medalist, Canada, Beijing Olympics, wrestling

Daniel claimed refugee status in Canada due to political unrest in his native Nigeria. When he won gold in Sydney, he put the Canadian flag in the middle of the ring and ran around it crying. That scene was played on every news cast, published in virtually every paper.

Carol Huynh's parents were sponsored by the United Church in a small Northern BC town, from their native Vietnam. When she went home in April, the first time in almost 2 years, the local volunteer fire department set up a car wash and raised $3,000 to assist in getting her parents to Beijing to watch her wrestle.

After she won her bout, she grabbed a Canadian flag, was hoisted on her coaches' shoulders and cried while waving the flag around.

Stories like this happen in Canada, too. Granted, we're a small country. Only 30 million plus people. But we do have success stories. But we'll never say, "this story would only be possible in Canada." BECAUSE WE KNOW THEY HAPPEN ALL OVER!

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