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People I'd like to punch in the face:

I've stated before that the way people chew food irritates the HELL out of me. If they're loud, chew with their mouth open, chew like they're cows, I lose my appetite. It's really irritating. And it's twice as irritating that they don't know they're doing it.

Well, there's a certain dog commercial here where it shows various sized dogs chewing on their crunchy dog food and it MAKES ME WANT TO PUNCH the person who came up with this concept in the face.

We wouldn't want to see a kid chewing food like these dogs chew food so why do they think it's a good idea to hear dogs eating up food like that on a big screen tv at loud decibels? There are other ways to promote dog food. There's no need for this crap and I HATE that I see the commercial once a day no matter what I'm watching or if I'm even just watching The Daily Show.

If I ever get another dog again, I'm never buying it that stupid brand of dog food on principle alone.

PS: I remember watching one of the final episodes of, I believe it was The Amazing Race 2, when they made this run from behind to pass the leaders and win the race. I was jumping up and down like an idiot yelling, "Run!" at the tv. I did that again last night. There were so many times that Simon Whitfield was out of the race, fell so far behind the three lead runners going into the final km. Then, all of a sudden he throws off his hat and runs the run of his life. He passed three of them and was making a break for it with 200 metres to go. He was overtaken by some German but the very fact he captured a silver was amazing. I was so happy for him. It was an amazing run.

For all the naysayers of our Rona-working Olympians, we're only two off the pace of Athens and with Van Koeverden still racing, we have a chance to match that.

Yeah, I know, some swimmer in the states won 9 medals. He also had a bevy of trainers, doctors, therapists, people to cook for him, and could concentrate on just swimming. Good for him.

But good for our athletes for going there and giving their all.

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