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Here's something you should never do. Ask me a question you want an honest answer from. Like, "Why?" It'll get me thinking about the why and make me realize it was a mistake. Which will lead me to making sure the mistake isn't repeated.

For all my brilliance, I'm not the smartest cookie. I act on emotion, free will, etc., without thinking sometimes. What's the harm, right?

But when I have time to think about it, I'll recognize the mistake and correct it or minimize the negative impact that could happen.

Or, I could get drunk, tell a friend, have her look at me for a brief second with a, "what the hell is wrong with you?" look and realize I'm truly fucked up and stop making stupid decisions.

It's been hella hot here. Hello, climate change, you're not my friend.

With the humidity playing a huge factor, it hit over 40 degrees this weekend.

I played some poker Saturday night and didn't do too well. I got bored halfway through and just wanted to go home. Plus I was severely hungover.

Yesterday I watched Nascar. Yes, you read that right, shopped, cleaned up and formulated my thoughts on how to correct my mistakes. I did that today. Hopefully I'll be able to follow through. Don't judge me on Nascar. I just have this weird crush on Carl Edwards and he won, so I was all kinds of happy.

It'll help with family coming down later this week until Labour Day.

You know, the one area I've changed in, is the fact that before, if the DMB concert at the Gorge happened the same time family was here, I'd cancel DMB. But now I give them warnings in advance that I'm going away for a few days and they're on their own. And I don't feel guilty about it. There are far too pleasures in life and you should seize them, so long as it's not hurting others, at every opportunity.

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