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I think I'll continue on with people I want to punch in the face. It's therapeutic and believe me, I definitely need therapy of some sort.

So, instead of paying for therapy, I'm just going to tell you about people who piss me off so much I wouldn't mind punching them in the face. At least I may make a post more than sporadically.

I would like to punch in the face every Canadian who complains about our Olympians and their lack of medals at the Olympics.

Yeah, it totally sucks.

But you know what also sucks? The fact that everytime our government gives money to Olympic hopefuls to train, we all get in a tizzy saying we should be spending money on health care or other social program instead of wasting it on athletes then the government of the day gets all scared they'll be voted out so they cut funding, or just give pennies.

Meanwhile, all these athletes are doing their best with what little they have. Comparitively, to other countries, we don't give much to our athletes. The US pays their athletes to train, gives them a heck of a lot of money if they win, and provides the tools to success.

Australia became a powerhouse because they invested a lot of money before they hosted the Olympics in 2000.

China has a billion people.

Of course they're going to kick our ass.

Our athletes are working at Home Depot and trying to train while others train exclusively.

And when the Olympics roll around and a week into it we have no medals people start whining and complaining.

How's that medicare working for you? Did you miss a surgery because an athlete might have received $10k?

Let's not forget we're not a big country population wise. And we care more about Little Allison getting her daycare subsidized than we do about an athlete owning the podium.

2010 will be interesting, that's for sure.

As someone who's generally lazy (I'm on a workout plan right now but I am nowhere near disciplined as an athlete) I admire those who follow their dreams despite all odds. The very fact they're good enough to get to Beijing is good enough for me considering we do more to quash their dreams than support them.

And let's not forget there are a lot of athletes who are currently cheating in the Olympics. In the next few years there'll be a story about some athletes being stripped of their medals because of inappropriate drug use while at the Olympics (Marion Jones, anyone?) and all of those 4th place finishes we had will suddenly be bumped up.

It's not an even playing field. The endorsement possibilities for atheletes are just too great to pass up the opportunity to take a shortcut to greatness.

If I only hear O Canada at the Olympics once, I'm fine with it. If you're not, punch yourself in the face for me and tell me how good it felt.

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