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Last night I went out for a friend's birthday dinner at Joe Fortes. Truth be told, it was my first time there since I've heard both good and bad and it's downtown on a busy street and I couldn't be bothered to put up with traffic. But it's the place they chose and I'd agreed to show up.

Between the 7 of us, the bill came to $880.00. Not bad considering all the drinks and seafood we ordered. And they gave us a free sample of prawns for the birthday boy.

My order? Mussels (appetizer, love it, shared it: $17.50), a mojito ($8.85), a glass of wine (bottle cost $56 was supposed to be divided by the three of us who ordered it) from a bottle of wine we ordered to go with our surf and turf (5 oz steak with prawns $29). How much did it cost me? $140.00! Why so much? Because people don't know how to pay for their own meal! I didn't want the birthday boy and his wife to pay for the majority of it. This couple ordered appetizers of oysters, crab cakes, and the 3-tier seafood platter. Along with about 4 glasses of wine and 4 gin & tonics. Their total? $215.00. HUH? The 3-tier seafood platter is about $145.00 on it's own. Then there's the glasses of wine that run about $8 each, same with the gin & tonics, appetizers, taxes and gratuities (which is 15% that's added on). How in the hell does that add up to the $215 they included?

Then this other dude, who I guess is used to people paying for him, paid $50. I guess because he didn't order the wine, but drank my share, and didn't order the appetizers, but ate half of them, the only thing he had to pay for were his drinks and his meal, plus taxes and gratiuties.

The friend I invited along also had just as much as I did, except she drank more wine than I did since I was driving (I had one glass with my meal and even the glass was just half full and the mojito at the beginning of the meal and it wasn't a big glass either and we were there for 5 hours). She paid $140 as well. So between the 5 of us, which left over $300 for the couple. I felt bad, hence paying for the bottle of wine I didn't drink since others were too cheap to pay for their own meal.

Come on, yeah the meal was expensive. But nobody forced us to eat there. If you can't afford to pay for the meal, don't order it or don't show up. Certainly don't make others pay for your way.

It kind of pissed me off. I shouldn't have to overpay for others because they're too cheap and neither should my friend.

/end rant

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