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Blogging isn't a priority for me right now. I have too much work going on and other work going on that isn't paying me a penny.

But it's for my uncle and it's important to me that he and my Dad remain on friendly terms so I'll do the things he asks me to do and know that it's for the greater good.

So, I met this dude. You know, girls, trust your instincts. If guys come on too fast, there's always a reason and it's never good.

This dude was just a tad strange. Nice enough, but strange. For instance, he said he'd give me his number but he never did. So all I gave him was my email address. I rarely give out my phone number and it saves me from a lot of drama. Those of you that have it should consider yourself lucky. It was a long while before my brother had it and it was only because he was coming to town did he get it.

Then while driving home I realized what it was. The odd behaviour that is. He's married. So, I sent him an email telling him I know he's married. I haven't heard from him at all.

Which to me pretty much confirms it because prior to that he was coming on way too strong.

Last week I talked for hours and hours with a friend of mine who spent the vast majority of it convincing me to apply for a certain job. She said if I don't apply by a certain time, she's going to apply on my behalf. I believe she will. She thinks I've outgrown the job I have now and it's time to step it up a notch. I have until the end of this month to decide or she decides for me.

I have a couple of more weeks until DMB and the Gorge and I can't wait. It's sad that it's the only thing exciting happening this summer. Next summer I plan on taking a month off and going to Europe. Well, either the summer or the spring.

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