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I love my brother.

And his kids.


Man they can be brats.

And stubborn.

And disrespectful.

Yes, accidents happen, if you believe in accidents. I believe it's more lack of attention and environmental influences.

Take yesterday for example. We went out for dinner before going to a movie. My niece was colouring away and she ended up dumping her drink.

NOBODY got up to clean it up. Not my brother, not my sister-in-law (who I tolerate), not my niece (she's 7) and the waiter just grabbed a towel but left it up to us to clean it up. Thanks, dude, I hope you enjoyed the tip!

I gave the towel to my niece and said she should clean up her spilled drink. Stubborn as all get out. Wouldn't move. My sil's son started cleaning it up. I ended up having to help because it was going to drip into my territory.

And the kids don't finish everything they order. Which isn't a problem given they're kids but if their parents know they won't finish it, why order it for them in the first place? Shouldn't they order one meal for two kids? Stuff like that pisses me off. Very wasteful. And how do you tell this to them without inferring they're bad parents. Overall they're good parents, the kids aren't ignored, beaten, abused, etc. You know they love them. That's obvious.

But at what cost? My brother felt sorry for my niece with the lecture I gave her on cleaning up after herself and I said, "yeah, accidents happen but what kind of lesson are you teaching her if she doesn't learn how to clean up after her mistakes?"

I'm so glad we saw the movie, "Wall-E". It allowed me to bring up "our" wasteful ways here and how much we just throw away with little regard.

They also bought a whole case of bottled water. I don't buy water. Haven't in a long time. I drink tap water or I make juice with tap water.

They decided to stay another day and won't be leaving until tomorrow. Wonderful. I was kind of looking forward to time alone while my roommate was on vacation this week. Now as it stands I may just have a day or two.

The good news is we've been having fun, other than the above pet peeves.

I'm working today since I took yesterday off. I have no idea what they'll be doing while I'm off.

They like my tv and satellite and stayed up late last night playing some monopoly game on TV.

After some careful consideration, I'm 75% certain I'll be buying the Jeep Liberty. The mygig feature is the selling point. I love it. I think about it. I've been looking for it's equal in other vehicles (Nissan, GM, Ford, VW, etc.) and haven't found it at all.

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