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My brother and his family are coming to visit for a couple of days. They get here tonight, leave sometime Wednesday morning. It's a whirlwind trip. I'm taking tomorrow off and going with them to Playland.

My brother hates big crowds, which is why he rarely comes to Vancouver. We started talking regularly lately, which prompted this trip.

It started around my sister's wedding when we got into a huge argument prior to as he was threatening not to attend.

My parents were visiting him this weekend and when they were packing up to go home, he asked them to stay and look after the house while they were gone so the parentals will be there until Thursday.

It was his birthday yesterday too and Dad went out with them to karaoke and won first place while Mom stayed home and spent quality time with the grandkids.

I spent the better part of yesterday cleaning up my room, cleaning up the guest room, fixing beds and doing laundry. I've been trying to get my bedroom in a condition that assists sleep and relaxation. With how busy work is, I've found it's getting harder to turn the brain off and just relax. At all hours I'm thinking of different work projects.

Sometimes you feel like you're drowning in a sea of work. Thankfully I had a productive meeting on Wednesday for once and see a project I'm working on getting the results I want.

I was planning a trip to New York, seriously, for September but recent car problems may hinder that. Along with buying furniture to get the bedroom I want, I'm also trying to get my car in tip top shape before putting it out to pasture. With that, I brought it in to get it diagnosed and the dudes told me I needed a new transmission. Huh?

Obviously I don't believe a word they say so I paid the diagnostic fees and set up an appointment with a transmission specialist that I found via the yellow pages and checked out comments made about them. Wish me luck! My brother thinks it's just a fuel pump problem which will cost maybe $600 compared to a transmission problem that costs $2000.

I plan on blogging more, but it'll have to wait until after my brother leaves. They'll be taking over my bedroom during their stay since my room totally rocks. I have the big bed and the big screen TV.

I just need to finish cleaning it up a bit.

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