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I'm not going to make excuses for not blogging. You've heard them all already.

Truth be told I just don't have the time and put together cognitive thoughts on what's on my mind and what's going on.

Work is starting to take up a lot of my time. There are days where I long for my boring government job that required no thought.

A few days ago I found myself awake at 12:30 am, sending an email to some co-workers about a policy position we could be taking.

Tonight, I'll find myself reviewing a proposal and offering my thoughts on it as it's suddenly become an emergency.

Thankfully the meeting tomorrow I was scheduled to attend was cancelled. It gives me time to do some work that's been backing up.

Then there's the drama. Not with my own staff but with other organizations staff.

I am privy, quite frequently, to confidential information, not for public consumption, etc. I was made aware of one a couple of weeks ago. I provided my input.

I was at a meeting with a member, through past work, that allowed me to assume she was aware of the "confidential" information as well. We were reviewing documents and I casually mentioned one of the documents will eventually be aided by a project coming down the pipe. She perked up, asking me what I was talking about. Grilled, in fact. Because the project was allegedly "confidential" I didn't mention it specifically. Then she started asking specific questions. So I outright asked her, "do you know what this is about?" And she said with a lot of snark, "Yeah but I'm wondering how YOU got a copy of it." And I said, "because it's my job."

You'd figure it would have ended there. Then I called her out on her ineffectiveness to move on a project and get the coordinators to be more cooperative and actually do what they're being paid to do.

Because of that, she goes and tell her boss some over-the-top version of our discussion. Suddenly, her boss is contacting my boss's boss who wants me "reprimanded" or fired or whatever because she's now in danger of losing her job since I apparently posted the project on youtube or published it on some communal website or emailed it to everyone in the province and posted it in my facebook groups.

So, before a meeting yesterday with some other organization, my supervisor asks me to wait for her outside. You just know something's up. She asks me what I said at this meeting, blah blah blah. I need clarification on the meeting since I've been to a buttload of them. Then it was all "Oh my God" drama queen high maintenance insecure idiot alert.

I tell her what happened and she was, "I knew it." So now she has to go back to our top boss who will then go back to the other person who will then filter it down to the idiot that started this shit. HIGH SCHOOL!

How about be professional. How about use common sense. It had me seething the rest of the day. And I have a meeting with her on Monday now too. The gloves are off.

Then, to top it off, this person that was supposed to be working on all our national files quit citing "personal reasons". Yeah, how about the fact that you were trying to get me to do half your work for you while you get all of the reward. I swear, one time he emailed/called me 5 times in one day. Thankfully for me it was the week that I didn't have access to my blackberry, therefore didn't have access to my phone so didn't know I was missing it all. He wanted me to write a report so that he could present it to someone and claim it as his own and then attend the meeting in Ontario and present it as his own. I guess since he couldn't reach me he tried reaching another co-worker and said co-worker refused and told him, "it's your job to do that".

The problem with all of this is someone has to pick up the load. My boss thinks it may have to be me since I'd been involved with it in the past and won't have to be briefed or updated on everything. Which means more trips outside the province. Right when I was grateful someone else took this shit over. And it may come as soon as a couple of weeks. Which sucks.

On a positive note, I'm taking a couple of days off next week. My brother and his family are coming for a couple of days. They'll spend one full day here, along with one evening and one morning. Which bodes well since my roommate will be gone all next week so it'll be nice to have company. I'm buying passes to Playland for the day they're here and we may check out a movie the night they get here. We'll see what happens. They only have a few days and he'd rather come now than later in the summer when the city gets crazy.

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