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Some people just can't seem to let go.

My sister, by all accounts, has a great life. She just got married to a man she loves, who supports her, they bought a house, she's a stay at home mom, she does what she wants whenever she wants.

But man, can she hold a grudge. Like nobody's business. Because of something one our cousins said a few years ago, my sister has strongly disliked her and if given the chance, would probably punch her in the face.

Our cousin doesn't have much. If anything. She's actually a bit pathetic, truth be told.

She needed a ride home one day and approached my parents asking them for a lift. My parents would probably give a ride home to someone that murdered one of us, since they're really incapable of hating and holding a grudge. That's not true but you get the point.

My sister found out my parents gave said cousin a ride and is now mad at Mom because of it.

So she ends up telling me and I told her, I try to live my life by Dr. King's motto, "it's easy to hate, it takes strength to love." To which my sister replied she'll take the easy way out.

You put the two side by side and my sister is miles ahead in all measurable things we define as the quality of life. Yet she still holds a grudge. Can't let go.

So, I've been sitting here thinking of people I hate and I really can't think of anyone I hold a grudge against.

I'm sure there are people out there who don't like me for various reasons. I certainly don't lose sleep over it. And I don't lose sleep over people who I may believe have done me wrong, and there are a far bit.

I read somewhere that oil may possibly reach $300 a barrel. I'm holding off buying a vehicle I want until I do more research on fuel efficiency + what my "style" is. I'm looking at a Mitsubishi Outlander now.

One of the best purchases I've made is a subscription to Consumer's Report.

We were supposed to go to Scotland for Christmas. After second thoughts, we wondered why we're going to a place that'd be as equally cold as Canada and now we're leaning towards renting a house/condo in Hawaii for two weeks during the winter break. With the US economy tanking, it may be a cheap alternative and we'll save Scotland/Ireland for the spring when it's a more sane and warm time to go.

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