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I've been car shopping.

I thought that I'd get something domestic but some of the foreign cars are starting to look nice to me.

So far I've checked out the Hyundai Tuscon, Ford Escape, Nissan Rogue, Subaru Forester, and Ford Edge.

The Edge is my favourite but it's $3,000 over what I'm willing to pay. Which is sad, but that's life. If I started making exceptions to self-imposed rules, I'd wind up looking at BMW's, etc. And then suddenly a $30,000 maximum is turning into a $50,000 maximum and then it's all crazy. Unless I married rich or won a lottery, I think it's pretty ridiculous to be spending anywhere near that kind of money for a vehicle. Heck, even $30k is a bit much, truth be told.

So, even though the Edge is my favourite - it has TWO sunroofs! - the dealers aren't willing to go lower than the "ford family price" plan. Blah.

So, the Rogue is of similar design to the Edge but smaller. And only one sunroof. Man what a chore it was talking to the dude at Nissan.

My only two absolute requirements on a vehicle are apparently: red (my Mom's favourite colour) and a sunroof. The rest I can live without, pretty much because the features I like (power windows, keyless entry, power door locks, anti-theft device, are all standard.

If I can't get it in red, I want it in blue (GO OILERS!), and the final colour being black.

But, with regard to the Rogue, their colour of red was a nice one (not flame red) and they had one on the lot with everything I liked. Except the price was $30,000.00. Right at my breaking point. And since the Hyundai people were going to give me $4,000.00 off the ticket price of $28,000, I wanted the Nissan people to do the same. He wouldn't budge. $30k is the price of the vehicle, no matter what. WHAT?! Who ever believes sticker price. He kept saying I had to sit down with his manager and talk about the price. I said, "Look, just tell me the rock bottom price you can go on a red car with a sunroof." No. He kept saying I had to talk to his manager. No, I don't "have" to talk to anyone. Then he started taking us to different used vehicles. Why the hell would I want a used infiniti with 70,000 kms on it? One year of driving, suddenly my "new" vehicle is at 100,000 kms! No thanks.

I finally said, "Look, just tell me if you can sell me the Rogue you have right there for $27k, yes or no." He finally said yes but by then I was irritated. And I'm even more irritated now after looking online and seeing you can buy one in the states, same vehicle, same specifications for $22,000! That's $5,000 on the sticker price alone for the "deal" I negotiated. I'm trying to figure out why they car prices are different.

At any rate, I didn't get to take the Rogue for a test drive and I want to so we're heading out to another dealer to take it for a spin. By the end of next week I should have made my choice. Yes, it takes me that long. I have to weigh the pros and cons, the likes and dislikes of each vehicle. The prices, the options, what I can live with. I don't want to, in 3 months, decide that I bought the wrong car. With my Mustang, my beloved Mustang, it was an easy choice. A mustang convertible. Nothing else. There was no shopping around, doing price comparisons, options, colour, etc. It's different. I'm an adult, I want to make a responsible decision. And then I'm hitting the road! I may go visit my sister for a few days sometime this summer. It'll definitely be making the trek to the Gorge.

Man this Federer/Nadal match is a good one.

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