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So it's 3:57 am on Canada Day. I just got home. I'm completely sober. A friend called me at about 10:30 asking what I'm doing. My answer's always, "watching Law & Order" because one of the Law & Order shows is always on one of the channels. He wanted to go play poker at the casino and asked if I'd come along. I was wide awake so I said sure. He swung by, picked me up and off we went.

I was a bit nervous. I've never played poker in a casino before. I've played in one tournament that cost me $80 and a couple of home games that cost me $20 each. Nothing major. But these tables were $1 - $2 no limit. So someone can sit down with $1000 (I think) and suddenly have the chip lead and bully the pot. Actually everyone was playing with $100. My friend sat down before me so I watched and tried to assess players while waiting for a seat.

It seemed a few of the guys knew each other so they're obviously regulars.

About half an hour after my friend started playing, a seat opened up for me at his table.

I had some pretty decent hands. At one point I was up to $250 - my initial $100 buy-in. Not bad. My downfall was pocket twos when a dude went all-in. I've watched entirely too much TV where the pros are singing the praises of pocket 2's so I called. Plus the call was $99. How could Wayne Gretzky do me wrong? He had pocket 10's. I was praying for a 2 so I can get trips on the flop, then the turn, then the river. No luck. So I was down to a $50 profit.

I started playing tight. Folding aces at times if it wasn't suited and the kicker didn't work for me.

The final hand I had A, J off-suit. On the flop there was a jack. Since I had a nice kicker I went all in. My friend called. He had a nut flush. Another dude called with a low flush. I just had to pray for no more clubs to pop up on the turn and river or I'd be out. Well. No clubs showed up so I won the hand. Whew. What a rush. I can see why this can be addicting. I ended up walking out with a profit of $270.00. Not bad for a couple of hours work. I was up and down all night but ended on the up.

It was fun. I'm going to do my best not to make it a habit.

Should be an interesting day today what with it being free agency in the NHL. I've read some pretty wild rumours about what the Oilers may do. Honestly, I don't think they need that much work. Another forward to pick up some slack for Horc and a winger who can take a pass from Hemmer and put it in the net and we're good to go.

I've been cleaning like crazy. I keep far too many papers. Receipts for things that I bought a year ago just to keep a receipt. I spent most of the day shredding. Letting go. No need to keep crap. I have two end tables that are just full of crap. I had a suitcase full of paper. All shredded. If I haven't looked at it, thought about it, or read it in the past year, it's gotta go.

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