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Blogging can be rather...unique.

Wednesday I saw one of the bloggers on facebook have a message that said he was tentless, etc. Because he's sarcastic 99% of the time I wasn't sure if he was serious. Turns out he was. Turns out I also have a tent I use once a year for DMB concerts in Washington. So, we arranged a drop-off for Thursday. We met up, chatted for all of a minute then off in different directions. It's something I'd do with a friend in the middle of the day, despite being crazy busy.

Then, last night another blogger was having a fundraiser so I called up another friend and invited him out for burgers and beer.

Two bloggers, two events, one day.

In a million years, I'd never have believed I would be associating with internet people yet one has my tent and another has about $60 of my money.

Long day today at work. Was down at my old office meeting with former co-workers who are still public servants. Weird. It can be exhausting. I'm constantly asked when I'm coming back even though I've said over and over that I'm never going back.

I've taken Monday off work so it's a super long weekend and then Wednesday morning I'm off to Victoria for two days.

I have 44 proposals to read. Good times!

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