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I'm back home. In Vancouver.

What a crazy trip. It involved watching soccer, going to Aboriginal Day celebrations, a double-header at the drive-in, a 5 hour drive home, another hour drive to a meeting, a late night at a bar with 3 of my colleagues and my cousin.

An early morning meeting that turned into an all-day meeting that lead to a radio interview, dinner and a late flight back.

I have to pick my car up in half an hour and drive out to Richmond for a meeting I set up that I wish I didn't since I'm too freakin' exhausted to be of any use. I can't cancel since she's flown in for this meeting.

I have my $100 "climate" cheque from the BC gov't. Of course they'll take it all back with their carbon tax. I don't care. If the money they're taxing us is to go towards environmental programs I'm all for it. I've already started making changes to how I do "business" so as to leave a smaller environmental footprint. We all should. Maybe I'll use my $100 to go towards the down payment of a new hybrid. Did you know the Ford Escape Hybrid is the 4th vehicle on the top 10 list of fuel efficient vehicles?

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