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I have nothing new to write about.

The weather has been brutal!

I stopped by Safeway's meat department and was met by a new meat guy. He's kind of cute. We talked for a bit about the weather. He likes it really hot. I like it mildly warm. He said it could be hotter than this. I told him I'm a northern BC girl, I prefer an environment that offers mild weather conditions in all four seasons.

I'm re-arranging my room. Buying new furniture. Ikea is nice and air conditioned. But crazy assed busy 99% of the time. It makes you want to punch people in the face for being rude.

I have to go back today/tomorrow to buy a bedframe.

Then I'm off to Victoria for a few days of work.

Back to shredding paper and cleaning up crap that's been sitting around here for far too long.

I need a vacation from this heat.

And before some little twit says it isn't all that hot, it's all relative. I've never had to live in 40+ heat so obviously I'm not acclimatized to such weather. Nor am I prepared for 26 degree weather plus 50% humidity.

I don't give a crap if it's 3000 degrees in some bangladeshi prison.

The Oilers made a pretty big trade yesterday.

I read a blog where the person rants about those dedicated to sports teams given they have no "vested interest".

Isn't that how it is about practically everything in life though? We don't have a vested interest, per se, in a green climate, so why bother?

We don't have a vested interest in the sham of elections in Zimbabwe, so why write about it?

We don't have a vested interest in a musician or their music, so why should we care what's going on in their lives or what their opinions are?

Down to it's very core, we don't have a vested interest in anything beyond our immediate family, friends and the place where we live.

Yet we get excited about a lot of things. That we have no vested interest in. It's what life is all about. Spouting rhetoric and opinion about things we have no vested interest in. I'll also point out the irony of someone who has no vested interest in sports or people who have a "fanatical" view on sports while you have no vested interest in their lives is very ironic.

To that end, I can't wait for the new hockey season to begin. I'm sad that Pitkanen may be on the way out given the Visnvosky trade. I'm sad that Stoll is gone. I thought he was our best face-off man on MY team. Greene was finally coming into his own as a defenseman so I'm sad to see him go too. I am happy that tomorrow Katz takes over ownership of my team and I think this latest trade is something that he okayed as well. It'll be an interesting year ahead.

And I look forward to when I have a vested interest through another round of mini-paks and eventually season tickets.

Because I'm an Oiler fanatic. And I make no apologies for loving the sport. It's better than loving alcohol, scandalous relationships and developing a crystal meth problem.

Everyone has vices. Being a hockey fanatic just happens to be mine. It bothers nobody. No kids are starving because momma is supporting her habit. Granted, work is missed occasionally, but it's comp time for all the overtime I put in.

With that, Go Oilers Go!!!

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